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What do you do with your gear at the airport...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tiff, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. ...so I've read all the threads about parking at Melbourne airport and delighted that the bike parking is free. I travel interstate pretty frequently for work - usually a couple of days a fortnight and while I've got a great cabby, I resent the fact it's another day without a ride on my bike.

    So for those who travel to the airport and go interstate - what are you doing with your gear. Do you put it all into your gearsack and leave it with the luggage storage people at terminal 2? If so, how do the treat it, otherwise what else do you do? Don't see too many people carrying their lids onto the plane (although it would be a good safety precaution against the w**kers pulling the big wheelie bags out of the overhead lockers!)

    Any inside tips would be welcome as I'd rather be in charge of my own destiny on the way home than entrust my life to my (reliable and fast, but still a) cabbie.
  2. hey tiff,

    I parade up and down in full gear booking in until I get spear tackled by a security guy. :LOL: Taking your lid and jacket on the plane is fine. I put my helmet back in its bag and wrap my jacket around it the out it at the back of the o head storage thing with my back pack infront... 0 marks 10 flights.
  3. Have enough lockable storage on the scoot to store it all there - took a bit of practice though ;)
  4. Don't they have lockers anymore?
  5. Ive been doing alot of interstate travelling lately but next week is the first time i will be riding to the airport. Im only gone for the day this time and I can handle leaving my baby there for the 10 hours or so. Think im just gonna take my lid and jacket on the plane with me. Couldnt thing of anything worse than coming back to my bike to discover my helmet has been stolen.
  6. Thanks guys, just never been sure if the hassle factor of having my lid and jacket on the plane as well as laptop is worth it, so was thinking of wrapping it all up in my gearsack and leaving it at the luggage storage place at Terminal 2.

    It all comes down to what you'll do to get an extra go on the bike I guess!