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What do you do with that itch while overseas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bulby, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Day 3 of no riding. No visible withdrawal symptoms yet, but I can feel it creeping just under my skin. The constant rumbles of single- and parallel-twin- cylinder engines all around me is certainly not making this ordeal any easier.

    God forbid, I might even cave and hire a bike. Why would I not want to do so? Because this place I'm in is called Jakarta. Where lane splitting tuktuks are a common occurrence. Where indicators, hazard lights and lane markings serve no purpose other than as decoratives to be used and interpreted as liberally as new age art. Where the practice of head-checks while driving is frowned upon, and even bikes and pedestrians SMIDSY one another.
    tldr: Riding is pretty much a death wish here, and I'm chickening out.

    So, short of hiring a bike (read: clapped out <=125cc scooter), how would you deal with your riding withdrawals while on a trip overseas?
  2. I didn't - I had a Yamaha Wave 125 (clutchless 3-speed POS) when I was in Thailand.....
  3. hit the piss.
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  4. ^^^^ what he said.
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  5. Hard to argue with that, pretty much the answer to anything.
  6. hire a bike mate.

    When in rome and all.
  7. "What do you do with that itch while overseas "

    See a doctor as soon as you get back.
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  8. When I was working in Manila there was a guy at where I worked who belonged to a local motorcycle club. There were quite a lot of locals as well as a number of ex pat Brits, Yanks and Aussies in the club. I went on a lots of rides with those guys, at first as a pillion and then I used to borrow a bike. Had a ball. I never rode alone in Manila, always with the group. The drivers over there are crazy and the lines on the road are just a waste of good paint.
    My advice...if your there for a while look into the possibility of joining a local mc club. As the saying goes "there's safety in numbers"
  9. cheap hooker or two
  10. o i typed that out loud woops
  11. Two and at the same time.
  12. Rent a bike and head away from the city. It's the greatest way to see the country.
  13. LOL. Those are all stuffs I would've done, if only this trip was not for visiting a critically ill relative.

    That said, I have this strange unfounded suspicion that all those suggestions are going to happen anyway :LOL:
  14. I can soooooooo relate with the OP/this thread....happens to me at least 3-4 times each month....but I certainly make up for it when I'm back ;)
  15. plenty of cheap hookers?

    (sorry i was too late)

    you won't want to ride in the city
  16. Try being only a week into a 3 month suspension.....I CAN'T ride anything, anywhere :(
  17. I just got back from the States after 6 months, decided to buy a car for my cross country road trip. It broke down.

    Should have gone with a bike...
  18. Jakarta's a hairy place to ride or drive. But yeah, try to hire a bike and ride into the heart of Java.
  19. I ended up doing a track day at Laguna Seca and rented a bike to do a lap of the island in Hawaii - that got me through :D
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  20. The thread's about what to do with an itch overseas, not how to get one :p