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What do you do with old aeroplane engines

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Put em on a bike, thats what


    that looks sick, fully even
  2. faaaaark me...
  3. thats awesome!
  4. Now... THAT's a chopper
  5. thats stupid

  6. why?
  7. Impressive :) Looks pretty damn good lol
  8. the vibration and noise would turn anyone sitting on the bike into dust
  9. Nice find. Looks great.
  10. its what u call metal art, 10/10 for design
  11. Just my opinion. It is different, i'll give it that
  12. Does it fly?
  13. What an odd thing to do. Aircraft engines are designed for sustained output, not peak output. Many run at 2000rpm. And radial engines often have trouble with hydro-locking the bottom cylinder.

    Pretty much unsuited to the inconsistent dynamic use its going to see on a bike.
  14. G'day everyone,....


    Whats that going to get on a tank??

    :p :p :p

    Dr Who?
  15. Are you a Pilot, Pete ? :grin:

    I think that chopper (or do they call it a 'Radical' ? Radial engines mixed with cooooooooooool) looks absolutely crazy !
    I guess the Piston version of Jay Leno's Jet Engine animal...........
    BUT -
    they should have found a spare spot to stick a propeller up the front, to keep the rider cool whilst riding on those scorching hot days :)
  16. I'd be worried about it throwing a piston, & where that might potentially go :shock: