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What do you do when...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by david85dc, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. ok, heres the story..

    Last night i was driving home from the pub..

    dont think i was doing anything wrong. go around a corner not far from my house then i see blue and red flashing behind me..

    the coppers claim i was going real fast. the lady said i was 45 over the limit. i was in a 60 zone and going around a corner, so going around the corner at 105 would be crazy..

    i told them 'i wasnt speeding', 'i find it hard to believe i was going that fast' etc etc

    they said if we were a highway patrol you would be goneeee! they really got stuck into me and i didnt find it all that pleasant obviously.. ha..

    they then said my bike is not leaner legal. I was riding my 94 zxr250. i told them its a 250cc and showed them the build plate. the rego stickers doesnt say LAMS so they were sus..

    I was very polite, 'yes sir', 'yes maam' etc, but didnt admit i was speeding - as i dont think i was..

    i told them i was coming home from the pub and doubt i was going over the limit. they breath tested me and i was fine. I'm only a P plater and not going to drink and drive.

    Finally they let me off, no fine, and watched me take off..

    I was a bit worried i would be booked unfairly, and whos word would end up winning, theirs or mine??....

    What would you guys do in this situation....???
  2. same thing as you i guess. showed rego and was polite etc. No action on their behalf except delaying you from getting home..
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  4. You did well.

    NEVER admit to doing anything illegal or admit to the possibility that you were unknowingly doing something illegal.
    Never say you don't know how fast you were going either; say you were doing the speed limit.

    If they had any evidence, they wouldn't need to try to get you to drop yourself in the shit.

    Imagine if you'd admitted you weren't watching the speedo the whole time? Or that you weren't absolutely SURE you were doing 60???
    They could stitch you up with a fine based on their 'estimate'.

    Now imagine how many innocent people get screwed over in similar circumstances...
  5. Welcome to Motorcycle Harassment. Get used to it. Not much you can do about it! Keeping your cool is the best you can do.
  6. That's not entirely the case.

    While you should be polite; you never admit anything. See my above post.

    OP's encounter could have gone two ways: a fine, or no fine.
    The difference between those can be:
    "To be honest I'm not sure how fast I was going, officer."
    "I was definitely doing the speed limit. I'm sure of it."
  7. They herd the frequency of the small 4 and assumed you were going fast. The truth is they didn't get a speed reading on you and you were going nowhere near as fast as they thought.

    The rest was just in the hope of getting you for something because they were so sure you were speeding.

  8. You would have been going to get this GN cranked over at 100km/h in a suburban street intersection!


    David, you mightn't know anything about clutches and gearboxes, but you handled that well.
  9. this is what i think too. it could be a thing they tell coppers, "if you see a P plater, pull 'em over for no reason, so they learn early on we're here, we're the man"

    same thing happened to me many moons ago. going the opposite way so they did a full-on burnout to turn around ( i did find that impressive though ) and it was bullshit over nothing. let me go.

    you've already done well by keeping your cool. you'll come across the good type of police too
  10. i would have done exactly what you did
    well handled.
  11. thanks for the replies fellas..

    im pretty sure it was just the noisy 250 that set them off. and i think they want to scare us young p platers and teach us a lesson on the road...

    i have certainly learnt a lesson anyway..

    if i was on the GN250 i bet they wouldnt even have noticed me! :p
  12. Very well handled IMHO.
    and as klutu stated .. NEVER, EVER admit anything.

  13. D'oh, missed that.

    Clearly, you're a sporting bike hoon! How dare you ride a perfectly legal kwaka 250 in a legal way legally on the street!
  14. You did well.
    Ktulu gave the best advice. Remember it well. it will stand you in good stead.
  15. Sounds like they were fishing and you didn't take the bait.

    You done good.
  16. Well, since I'm already wearing a helmet and gloves, the first thing I'd do is get off the bike, and wait for them to walk over to me to 'have a chat'. Then I'd headbutt them both in the face, hopefully breaking their noses, and, if lucky, causing a concussion. Then I'd quickly search through their pockets and car for anything with my license plate on it, and take it with me. I'd also check the car for a camera or any kind of recording device. I'd obviously keep my helmet on for the anonymity. I'd also steal the cash from their wallets. Then, I'd use their radio to call into the station and report that I had made a mistake with the license plate (assuming they had called it in to get a check on the bike) and give a false license reading so that no one would trace it back to me. As I walk back over to my bike, I'd make sure to kick them while they're unconscious, hopefully breaking some of their ribs. Then I'd get back on my bike, and speed off as fast as humanly possible since there's now no cops on my tail. And once I got home, I'd lock my bike in the garage, and never ride it around that area again in case they're trolling the area in the hope of catching me again.

    Or, maybe, I'd just do what you did. Could go either way ;)

    p.s. This is a satire please do not take it seriously.
  17. lol robsalvv, in his post he said he was riding a zxr250, not the gn :p , well done on how you handled the situtaion, early on in my caging day (4 weeks into my p's to the day and hour) same thing happened to me, but i didn't handle it too well and ended up with a fine for $500+ and 4 points, now i ask to see the reading, and haven't been done since