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what do you do when you see a bike on its side?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ronin11, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. when i left work yesterday, while walking my way tot he train station, i see this poor little CBR250 with an 'L' plate lying in its side on the footpath. now i work in the city, and as much as i wanted to, i couldnt exactly just walk into the nearest shop and "go hey your bikes on its side!" it'd take me freakin hours and likely the owner would return before i found them.

    question is this. if you see a bike on its side like that what do you do??? i felt bad leaving it there.. people were walking past it (i was on the other side of the road at the time) and it wasnt blocking people or anything, but its a fellow rider, and i know they would have been pissed at walking back to their beloved and seeing it like that.. but if i had picked it up and they came and saw me doing it, the first thing they would think is i was stealing it.. then after that that it was me who knocked it over... should i have picked it up? leaving a note wouldnt have done any good either i dont think. might see if i can ID the rider in the next couple days and go speak to them.

  2. as much as i would like to pick it up, i would leave it, said owner might walk up as your picking it back up, and accuse you of knocking it over and nothing you say will convince them otherwise

    its unfortunate shit like this happens but it's in your best interest not to touch it
  3. Always a tough one Dan.

    Seeing as it's a Honda, I would have used to fuel in the tank to torch the bike, and warmed my hot chocolate and marshmallows on the charred and smouldering remains.

    JUST KIDDING PEOPLE. Don't PM me justifing your purchase of a 19 year old grey import.

    On a serious note, this has happening to me in Perth once, on a REAL blustery day. I think it even blew and old VFR750 off the centre stand!!
    Me and my bro stood it back up and tried to leave a note the best we could, but we never heard from the guy. If they stay on thier side, they can leak petrol and oil and all sorts of crap so it's better you put it back on the side stand. If someone has a go at you, stuff em I reckon.
  4. +1 to the above... it's the world we live in :(
  5. I've done it. Heading to the train station (Redfern) after work I noticed a little CB250 on it's side - looked liek it'd been bumped by someone parking. Picked it up and left a note letting them know that I found it on it's side and that they shoudl check for damage as it looked like it'd been bumped.

    I was a bit apprehensive, for exactly the same reasons as qbnspeedfreak mentioned, kept going through my head "what if some big scary dude comes out and starts yelling at me", but I figured I was doing someone a favour, and I'd want someone to pick my bike up if it was knocked over.
  6. Being someone on the recieving end I am thankfull that someone picked up my bike.
  7. Yeah, I'd pick it up and leave a note if they were no where around.
    If you get seen moving it I'm sure a fellow bike rider will understand and thanks you despite being pissed off their pride and joy had taken a fall.
  8. Its easy to justify not being a nice bloke isn;t it?
    I would always pick it up.
    I have always picked em up.
    I would stop and help you if you were being attacked in the street too.

    Its the price I pay for having some class :p
  9. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Well said sir. I doff my hat to you.
  10. the first step, always, when seeing a bike on its side is to take a photo!

  11. Have seen this in the city myself. First thing I did was walk into the building it was in front of and asked the security guard if the owner was in the building. And asked one of them to help my get the bike up and leave some details.

    Even got a thanks call from the guy later.

    I always help, but make sure that involve the people nearby. It at least gives you some protection less some one starts yelling at you! :wink:
  12. I think I would pick it up too !

    My first bike (ZZR250) got blown over by the wind in Collins St (Docklands) when I had only had it for about 1 month.....

    Some people picked it up for me, although that was probably because it had blown off of the footpath and onto the road !!
    But these people then had the decency to tell the security guards at the building and they sent an email around to advise what had happened.....

    I was gutted that it had happened but pleased that people were so good about it.
  13. when picking it up, especially a learner bike, you'd have to leave a note. if you can't, leave it on it's side.

    my reasoning for this is well, if it's been dropped, maybe it's just scratched, but there's other potential for damage. say a learner rider jumps on, rides off then doesn't realise he's just snapped his gear lever off. unlikely a bike is going to sustain serious damage, but on it's side at least the owner will know to look.

    and think about the poor bastard who asks to go for a ride. the blokes never noticed the scratches from his still standing in the same spot bike. then his mate does a blocky, comes back and the young stooperd (sic) owner goes, "Hey man that s#it wasn't there before!!! Did you drop my bike you f'n scratched it you ar$ehole!!"

    my 2c
  14. he looks like my riding instructor when I did my L's lol :p
  15. The outcome of a previous discussion on exactly the same subject concluded that:

    It is best to leave the bike where it is because:

    A) You might get accused of dropping it if the owner comes back

    8) You migtht cause more damage if you scrape it or drop it again while trying to help

    C) It can't fall any further.
  16. That pic^^- is one of the only kind of situations an open face is justified: to see the riders face now he's muffed it. :wink:
  17. I agree with pro-pilot if you grab someone else before touching the bike you have a witness to cover your ass but are still able to show there really are good people around that will always help when needed. I would rather know my bike was standing than laying there for hours on its side.
    And realistically if you were the stupid bastard that knocked it over you would probably run before even thinking of picking it up.
  18. It was an L plater, they probably just parked it like that :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. You might also get a big thank you hug, you never know. So what if iyou get accused of knocking it over?? Jst thell 'em what's going on, that you're a fellow rider, and if he's still pissed at you, clock him and walk away knwing that you did the right thing.

    IMO, this is a cop out excuse that is symptomatic of the "Not My Problem" society we are fast becoming.

    This one makes a bit of sense, but honestly if you're not confident in picking up a bike on it's side, you shouldn't be touching bikes at all. I agree with this, butonly in as much as anyone who can't pick a bike off it's side shouldn't be touching bikes at all.

    No but now it's a hell of a lot less visible. In the case of the cibby I fixed up, it was parked on a busy road where parking spots are snapped up in seconds. Chances are if I didn't pick the bike up some idiot cager would've not looked properly, thought he found a parking spot and runover/into the cibby...

  20. Oh isnt that so true. Why be like the rest and ignore the situation? Im with percrime, theres no subsitute for being kind in this word. :)

    'How to win friends & influence people' :wink: