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What do you do when stopped at lights?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nake., Jan 28, 2009.

  1. So i was stopped at a pretty busy intersection today, the red light went honestly for about 5 minutes...I got so bored i ended up turning the bike off, standing with my arms crossed and tapping my feet on the ground pretending i was drumming (i drum :p)

    what do you guys do while at the lights? am i wierd for getting bored?

  2. I crank up the music.

    /I'm still in a cage. ;) haha
  3. Bop along to the ipod or rev my bike very loud so that the cages have to get off the phone while driving
  4. check out the ladies.
  5. Do push-ups on the tank :cool:
  6. get off the bike and go chat up the hot chick sitting in the car in the next lane

    sometimes i will go and get a cheeseburger from macca's if its close :p
  7. If there's at least 1-2 cars already behind me I'll kick it into neutral and sit up, look around, etc. Nothing much more exciting than that.
  8. Practice track stands (it's a cycling thing). Trying to balance with no feet on the ground whilst not moving.
  9. there's one set of lights near my house that doesn't pick up bikes when you are stopped there. side stand down and i walk over and push the pedestrian walk button. lights change soon after
  10. i usually just pull a magazine outa my jacket and flick through a few pages to kill some time :LOL: or pull some KFC popcorn chicken outa me dragon camo pockets and start eating :p
  11. I do stretching exercises, lean left, right, backwards, etc, pretending that I'm not looking at the light and waiting to drop the clutch and smoke them all.....
  12. And here i was thinking i was the only one :LOL:

    Same reason to LOL.
  13. here is just a few traffic light revelers to keep u entertained if u feel like a chat about ya bikes and things :LOL:


    This is what usually happens if someone gets on my nerve at the lights,

  14. spot of dancing, usually
  15. If it's going to be a long stop, pop the bike into neutral, flip up my helmet and have a look around. On cold mornings, I tap my boots to wake up the toes.

    Or I confuse the cagers by rocking the bike side to side, guessing how much fuel I have left :p
  16. If it's a long stop...I pop the boot and have a squizz at the time (across rider...)...or eat a chip from a maccas bag after picking up take away through drive through...peoples faces are priceless when they see that hahaha.

    If I have neither in my boot, I just stand up and swing the bike side to side, stretch my legs/thighs and look around.

    phong =P~
  17. scan for any hotties in the immediate area.
    for instance this morning.
    check her out, then realise its a girl from work and her sister.
    flip up the visor and have a chat :grin:
  18. spark up a smoke
  19. I play my tank like its a bongo drum.
  20. Happened to me on a right turn lane at about 1am a week ago - lights didn't change for 4 or 5 minutes, no cages in sight.

    I put down the sidestand, got off the bike and jumped on the sensors - did nothing.

    However I found as soon as I started my bike up again the lights gave me a green arrow.

    I then remembered that I've heard that apparently they work on magnetic sensors and not weight sensors - hence why the starter worked.

    Usually I just rev it though :grin: