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What do you do when a car is tailgating??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. I continue to get more and more experience on the road - I only ride recreationally. But i try to get out as much as possible.

    This morning I was riding at the speed limit on a dual lane road (60/70kmh road). I had this tool in a ute sitting what i could guess about 1-1.5 seconds off my rear fender. I was in the inside lane and had a car in front of me.

    What do people do when they have tools like this ?

    I am interessted in the strategies, as i found it a distraction, so instead of putting my full attention into other things in my surrounding, i was paying the car behind more attention then i normally would.

    In the month I have riding, in the past I have done a couple of quick head checks, the drivers notice me, and then tend to back off. Alternatively if i get to a set of lights, i reach back and point to the 2 big shinny L plates next to my number plate.

    Off topic. I also went for my first longish ride yesterday (about an hour and a half). Got out on the road to wisemans, so a few twisties. My learning from that, get the speed right entering corners, and corner with confidence, i found when i second guessed corners that had a sign of 45kmh or less, i got into more difficulties. I made all the corners, just some i did not do as cleanly as i would have liked.

    I have read heaps on the counter steering, and use this to get me around corners. Here is a dumb question. I am going around a tightish corner to the right. Do i position wieght/ a bit more of my ass, on the right hand side of the seat? (I ride a crusier but doubt that makes a difference). I think i worked out that the more i counter steer, the more i should lean into the corner to take the corner smoothly - am i right on that ???

    As always, thanking in advance the collective wisdom of the netriders...

  2. first Qu> open up the gap in front of you
    second Qu> nah, stay firmly seated, grip tank both knees, push right shoulder out, keep head upright level with your horizon
  3. As long as you wear underpants you'll get skid marks, as long as you ride a motorbike you'll get tailgaters....

    there is the theory that because cars can see past you, their perception of the road is that it is 'emptier' than if a car was there, hence they feel that they should be further ahead than they are.

    the other theory is that they're just idiots and there's no escaping them. Period.

    slowing down slightly then going a bit quicker does tend to wake some people out of their slumber they call 'driving'. It's not a great method though as you're compromising your own safety by doing so....ie by concentrating too much a head.

    I saw two workmen in a Ute yesterday pretty much purposefully drive a couple of cyclists off the road. When the cyclists caught up with them and asked them what the hell they were doing, they just shrugged and laughed...
  4. I don't tend to brake test a tonne and a half of metal, I tend to just make a few moves adjusting my body so it gives them the opportunity to think, "oh I'm too close" if that doesn't work i sit up and let go of the throttle.

    That tends to wake them up a bit ;)

    Of course you always run the risk of encountering mr. woeful and start a shit fight ;) Then you just slow them down initially and then nail it to get away from them.
  5. As already mentioned open up the gap in front.

    Make very obvious backwards pat motion with my left arm (i.e. get the fcuk off my arse).

    The the above doesn't work then they're obviously a dipshit and the best course of action is to get outta there.
  6. 1. Ride to the right of the centreline of the lane so you are directly in front of the following driver. I use this as a default road position anyway.
    2. In the case of severe persistent tailgating, change lanes if you can.
    3. Turn off the road and reenter when the tool has gone.
  7. One word.


  8. Perennial question of riding.

    I hate tailgaters.

    Things to try:

    Give them an opportunity to pass.

    Slow down to give you more space ahead of you

    Flash the brakes

    Slow down then accelerate ahead to increase your gap

    Do a slalom

    Turnaround in your seat and gesticulate wildly

    ...deploy KSMA weapons!! :twisted:
  9. I've fantisised about fitting something like a manually-operated scottoiler, filled with old oil which it can deposit in large dolops onto my exhaust... :)

    As others have said, we pretty much gotta live with it. If you knew the kind of person it was behind you, you could deploy strategies, but in my experience there are some psychos on the road, so just stay your line and filter ahead when you can. Try to note whether your position is blocking them (eg you are beside the car in the other lane, and they can't get around) in which case make a gap for them to go through. I'm not sure myself on this - there's no good answer - but if I'm getting worked up and distracted I'll just ignore my mirrors and focus on steady riding.

    I've had conversations with old-timers who gave up riding back in the 1950s and 60s because of tailgaters!
  10. i usualy flash my brakes,

    i dont slow down coz sometimes they dont get what you mean and keep accelerating and could possibly hit you in the ass.
  11. Bikes are pretty stable at speed.

    Jump backwards off of the bike, onto the bonnet of the car; yank down your pants and take an almighty dump square in the middle of the bonnet... Then take a running jump back onto the bike and GUN IT.
  12. I generally give them a few kays to settle in.
    If they still wanna be on my ass I point to all the speed limit signs I pass for the next kay or so then move and let them pass and tell them what I think of them at the next red light. :cool:
    Yeah, they've generally got nothing to say and sink into their seat. I'm really patient, but only to a certain limit.
  13. how brave are you?

    take a few corners just using engine braking on a wide line and turn hard. dopy twats are usually depending your lights to tell them when to brake. :grin:

    had to do it twice and they both settled in about 30 meters back.
  14. Im still running in my '09 ninja 250r so on 100kph roads I've been in the situation with people fairly close to my rear end while im slowing down keeping the rev's low and varying them. I just give them a little hand signal to pass me when there is enough clear road and slow down more so they can do it with plenty of room to spare.

    On that note, my first post since getting the bike, its great fun, first service is on Thursday then i can give it to her! might right up to mount beauty (from wodonga) :D
  15. Just get in front of a different car...
  16. Agreed ^^^

    To many wankers in the peakhour commute... i would rather move out of someones way and filter to the front at the next red light then be pancaked by some tool who couldn't give a toss.
  17. Here in W.A, the land of the forward firing multi nova camera's, I sometimes get car drivers tailgating if your doing the speed limit/+5-10 kays over because they expect you, a bike rider to be speeding and want you to "flush" out the speed camera's for them.

    If you speed up, they drop back but keep up giving themselves enough room to hit the anchors if they see a camera flash from you.

    If your not keen to run the guantlet, then just switch lanes, stay on the speed limit and they usually get the idea your not gunna play the game, and they usually bugger off.
  18. Why is it that when some drivers see the L plate, they like to try to intimidate you.

    It seems that some drivers feel they have to overtake me because of the L plate, even if I''m doing more than the speed limit.

    Riding a bike, I've really begun to realise how bad some drivers really are. It's no wonder so many people ride there bikes aggresively to get away from them.
  19. i reach back and point to the 2 big shinny L plates next to my number plate.

    Why do you have 2 L Plates?
  20. The 'wobble' is a tried and true technique.

    if you quickly countersteer with your handle bars a few times (ie, 'wobble' them) your bike will suddenly make small movements left and right making the tailgating driver thing there is something wrong with the bike and your just about to fall off.

    This will make all but the the most psychopathic tailgater back off and its particularly effective when combined with 'L' plates.

    Try it, it works