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What do you do to keep fit?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jonnymac, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. So was kind of thinking when we again went off track with the "Hey everyone " thread.

    Surely I can't be the only fitty here.

    So thought we could use this for exercise tips, inspiration, bragging, simply posting up stats of your fitness journey and even health tips.

    Here's a start this is my lad in my backyard gym 20140612_155027.

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  2. great set-up you've got there j-man - your boy is doing well on the rope climb, wow! most adults couldn't do that.
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  3. Yeh he climbed to the top on his 6th birthday.

    Proud moment.......lol
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  4. I need to get fit, I spend 6hrs of my day on my feet at work and I also do the stocking of the store room which involves lifting boxes of gatorade etc etc so I reckon I do a reasonable amount of stuff but I find it hard to do any sort of long constant fitness. Used to ride pushbikes a lot in my younger days but now have a lazy mindset. I do have to lose some gut so will be starting up a new healthy eating routine but need some exercise for it that wont exacerbate my dodgy back.
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  5. Swimming is the obvious one Simon, but how bout yoga or pilates????

    You could do it with Sibi, I'd love to do it with Meeks but logistics with the kids wouldn't work yet.
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  6. I could do the swimming in the pool at work. Could easily hassle them out to let me in when they are closed during the middle of the day.

    Wouldn't mind some sort of low impact stuff like tai chi or similar.
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  7. Roman rings under the verandah and a fingerboard. Before my second son arrived and took all of my time and then some, climbed indoors once a week and used the rings and board. Just about to get back to the weekly sessions. Like 69SIM69SIM, I don't get enough exercise with my work - serial desk jockey.

    And OP, well done on the rig in the backyard!
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  8. I used to play a lot of sport many years ago and really should pull my finger out and drop some weight but these day this is what I consider exercise :inpain:

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  9. Killer setup jonnymacjonnymac. Your boy looks chuffed. I do a lot of yoga and can't speak more highly of it. For my whole life people have said that when you turn 30 your body doesn't take care of itself as well as it does when you're younger. Well I've only been 30 for a little while now but everything still seems in pretty good shape. I guess you guys will all bear witness to the slow decline of my physical health over the next few years ;-)

    I'm a tradie so I work with a lot of homophobic morons who think men should do manly things like play footy and leave the yoga to the women, but I've no time for this mysoginistic bullshit (and I think I'd rather top myself that be forced to play football... ) Yoga is a total game changer, and the strength and flexibility and general well being that results from regular yoga practise is unmatched by anything else I have tried. Vinyasa for days. I like to ride a bicycle as well as my motorbikes, so often get on the pushie to and from work (6kms each way) usually 5-6 days a week, and when I don't want to ride a pedal or motor powered cycle I usually walk to the train station to cut down the walk to work down to about 1km.

    I went for a run the other day and am generally disgusted with my cardio health. This is probably why I don't run as much as I'd like to.

    Muscular strength is reasonable, I'm not a huge guy and my favourite thing about yoga is the deceptive amount of strength you can cram into lean muscles. I can do push ups for days, plank stamina is pretty good (has been amazing for motorbike comfort, especially since migrating from the cb400 to the firestorm and finding myself leaned forward much more...) and I'm a much more relaxed bloke than I was in my early 20s...

    Never been much into gyms but I can see their appeal. I've just got a lot going on at the moment and generally when I lift things up and put them down for an hour I like to have built or fixed something at the end of that process. Last time i lifted shit up and put it down for an hour I had changed the exhaust system on my motorbike and it was very satisfying. I can't imaging leaving the gym having lifted up and put down things for an hour and feeling satisfied, I think I'd feel like I hadn't completed anything :p
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  10. I like to rock climb, there's an amazing climbing gym in St. Peter's around the corner from me, one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere i believe. A few 20m walls, lots of overhangs, big bouldering section and a variety of climbs varying from basic to basically impossible. Don't do it nearly as much as I'd like to and was never very good (I don't really know about the grading system but I climbed one 20, a couple of 19's and I could do most of the 18s in the joint. I felt like this was a good effort...)

    Went climbing in the blue mountains a few times, once to do a few smaller walls (a 25m job was my first outdoor climb, and being terrified of heights I thought that was pretty good). Next a good friend of mine took me to Leura to do a multi pitch climb called "sweet dreams" which was 190m in length, about 130 vertical meters with a few horizontal and diagonal movements in the mix. I can say without hesitation that I was utterly terrified, and it was quite empowering to get to the top. I always wondered what would happen if I ran out of steam half way up the cliff, as it's quite demanding to climb down as well. One of those times where you just suck it up and keep going...

    I'll dig up some photos from that climb, it was a bloody great day and absolutely beautiful. Would definitely do again.
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  11. Impressive setup.

    I do the treadmill semi shuffle - or try to - 2 to three times a week. I'm a bit hampered by my hip - a motor vehicle accident in 2004 lead to an eventual hip 'replacement' (more technically correct term is a hip resurface) so I'm supposed to limit anything that causes impact etc. The two loves of my life - squash and jogging - I can't actually do anymore.

    I tried swimming. I REALLY tried swimming. My wife does about 3km daily in the pool. I took lessons and tried but still felt like a drowned rat. I gave up on that.

    At least the hip troubles led me down the path to target archery. But that's another story.
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  12. I love to swim in the ocean too. I try to go at least once a week during winter but have been a bit slack this year as I've been putting all my eggs in the girlfriend basket and spending all my time outside of that at work or the pub :p come summer and daylight savings I'll be in the ocean three or four times a week swimming across and back the gap at clovelly beach while the cb400 gathers salt and rust in the car park
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  13. Ride the bicycle everywhere I go, often do 150 kays a week., only ride a motorbike once a week or if it's raining.
  14. Lately I skip some mornings, go to the gym with the wife, maybe some 'roadwork', a few rounds on the bag, stuff, things.
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  15. Was hugely into squash as a youngster and up until mid-twenties... then my knees started acting up and the last time I played squash I knew it was time to give it up.

    Can still remember my coach yelling "Return to the 'T', RETURN TO THE 'T'!!!!!!!"
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  16. Mate, I think you're getting some things confused. We need to have a chat.
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  17. You should go back to a social squash session Simon.

    This is good, great to hear what people do get ideas and hopefully inspire some for their health and mental wellbeing.
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  18. This was the first outdoor climb

    And here's a nice view image.

    The climbing gym at St. Peter's is a nice one if you're into that...

    And a few from the multi pitch climb "sweet dreams" image.

    image. image.

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  19. Great question jonnymacjonnymac
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    I really like to walk, which is fortunate, as my work involves a lot of walking between swimming pools and my service van. Sometimes it also involves carrying heavy objects which increases my fitness levels.
    I tried the whole gym thing in my twenties and lasted all of 3 weeks. Boooooring...

    I also try to do a 3-5km walk once a week on my leisure days. My wife shares my passion for walking, so we often go together, but I'll happily walk alone (thinking about riding) Mooroolbark is hilly, so a walk to the shops really gets the heart rate up.

    In the past, I used to mountain bike, rock climb (indoor and on actual rocks), and bushwalk.

    I sometimes jump on the pushbike and ride 20-30km on a nearby rail trail, when the weather's just right. Bit fussy these days.
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  20. I play basketball twice a week, just a local league but still A grade, although we could play veterans we are still running around with the 18-20 year olds.

    Then train twice a week, just a mix off stuff, evreything from deadlifts, snatch, cleans, rope, rings, box jumps,bag work, pads, lots of kettlebell work. Some plyometric stuff, just an assortment of stuff.

    Then try to do 50-100km a week on the pushy.

    I would definitely like to add yoga or pillates into it. Not sure wwhen though..........
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