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What do you do for a living? And what do you eat?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gracebeey, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. I know this has been brought up before, but retro is really coming back (just look at all the neon clothings the kids are wearing these days!), I thought I’d bring up the fact that a lot of people think of motorcyclists as ‘temporary’ citizens, rebels (which would please some riders, actually! :LOL: ), or even worse, criminals.

    So, what DO we actually do for a living? I have this weird thing where I’ve found that a surprisingly high number of IT specialists ride bikes. Or is it the other way round? :?:

    Anyway, and to top it off (and to make us more human to the mere cage-driving mortals), what is your absolute favourite guilty-treat/food? And I mean the G rated food. Simply out of curiousity. I think most non-rider’s expectations would be:

    Occupation: Contract Killer
    Favourite Guilty Food: Raw Beef

    Or something like that :p . So it may be interesting to see what we actually do and eat!

    I’ll start:

    Occupation: Chartered Accountant
    Favourite Guilty Food: Original KFC

    Unfortunately, not exotic nor exciting :oops: .
  2. Software programmer
    KFC wicked wings

    I think the pattern of everyone having KFC as their guilty treat may come up more often than IT specialists :p
  3. Now to debunk a theory;

    Occupation: Accountant, but not the boring chartered type. I'm a specialist Financial Controller.

    Favourite Food: Hmmmm, gotta be RR.
  4. You're asking an internet geek forum - of course you'll find more geeks than you'd expect.
  5. Hmm good point. Except for the fact that the said IT specialists I've encountered have been non-internet based.

    What about yourself anyway? :p
  6. I'm a geek. I write for an online technology magazine and a bike blog. www.gizmag.com and www.thebikergene.com. I'm also a singer.

    Food-wise, I don't recommend you try to stand between me and pork crackle, bad things have happened to good people.
  7. Technical support :LOL: (studying digital media)
    Chicken caesar/potato salad
  8. ocupation: i get hit by cars then sue the driver

    fav food: cigarettes
  9. Occupation: Managing Editor
    Guilt food: seafood chowder followed by heaps of spag bolognese and garlic bread
  10. Occupation: Lecturer and researcher in mineral processing.

    Favourite treat food: Would have to be a good quality cheese, accompanied by a suitable bottle of wine of course.
  11. Security guard and pizza.
  12. job: road making dood

    food: chicks
  13. occupation: self-employed corporate trainer
    indulgence food: instant mash potato with frozen vegies (esp corn) smothered in butter.
  14. I work for a data recovery company


    I like broccoli and also potato salad
  15. IT project manager
    Jambalaya (tastes fantastic and I like saying it too)
  16. Occupation: Call Centre / Data Entry / Fullfilment

    Fave comfort food: Hamburger with the lot, no pineapple, tomato sauce with a side of chips with tonnes of chicken salt :grin: oh god... now i'm hungry...
  17. Student: Aerospace Engineering and Science (Double Maths major)
    Salami and cheese
  18. Aeronautical Engineer (yes I am a rocket scientist.. or was)
    Wassabi coated peas. mmm
  19. I keep hearing people going on about these, I must sample some..