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What do you carry on / in your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. So what do you carry under your seat or glove compartment? Tools? First aid kit? Puncture repair kit?


  2. The GS500 has a good Ventura bag. It's got a bit of gear in it. First aid kit, bottle of water, a snack, rain gear, 1L petrol can and a tool kit. Normally ride with this kit on the bike. Do some long days (normal ride on this bike is 300km+, riding between country towns), so go a bit away from telephone reception.

    The Harley, nothing. Have the same gear as the GS in a back pack for some longer rides, but doesn't stay on the bike.
  3. Hahaha, zilch room in the VTR. Just enough for the relay for the heated grips. Although I managed to carry a rolled up SMIDSY sticker, next to the (very) mini tool kit.
  4. Interesting question.

    Puncture repair
    Tightly rolled waterproof pants
    Tool kit
    Gaffa tape
    Bungee cords attached to the back rack (saved ozjohnnos AWOL top box with these)
    Various cable ties
    Always have pen, pressure gauge, note book in the tank bag. Used to carry a disposable camera in case of an accident too!

    Think that's it.
    Good idea for taking a smallish petrol bottle

    ps I forgot my windex wipes. They are very useful!
  5. only thing I can fit under the seat of mine is the wet weather over pants, the standard tool kit it there too.
  6. opplanet-primus-fuel-bottle-1-liter-721961.

    I guess it really comes down to where you ride. Little hops between work, home and cafes doesn't really need anything. While a trip in the middle of no where requires a bit more.

    With the bottle. One day was just going to work, so I took it out. Half way there, bike on the side of the road. Gave him a hand, but it would of been much easier if I had that little bottle I had in my hand not 15 minutes earlier.
  7. the handgun...
    and some drugs....

    or at least thats what society thinks :p

    there are set-ups for touring bikes that sit under the fender and out of the way (opposite the coolant tank - for bikes with it here)
  8. There is no real room under the seat on my bike, but it has the standard tool kit that came with the bike, plus a normal tyre pressure gauge, and a digital one that i recently bought.

    when i go for a ride in my bag (one of those ones from aussie disposals..goes over your shoulder).. i have my wallet,keys w/ my bike alarm button on it, micro-fibre cloth for the impromptu bug cleaning, smokes, a pen, sometimes water.
    my phone is in my pocket as i listen to music.
    I don't carry around wet weather gear, but i will when i start commuting to the city etc.
    as for puncture repair kit and all that stuff, i have racv roadside assistance (Which i haven't used yet).. and i haven't gotten a puncture or really needed to carry that stuff with me.

    Ill probably get a top box or something when i start going to the city, rather than having a backpack.

    as for long trips like when i went to lakes entrance, i have panniers and i strapped my backpack to the seat with the bungee cords that came with my panniers.. i suppose i could have them on all the time and carry around all the extra crap but i really don't need to.
  9. Interesting. I'm thinking about the mini tool kit that comes with the bike, a mini maglite, small first aid kit, puncture kit and small Italian 'chilli' good luck charm !
  10. I've got an Across, so pretty much whatever I want ;-)

    -First Aid kit
    -Puncture kit
    -Water bottle
    -Misc crap (earplugs, change, torch, pen, notebook etc)
    -Visor cleaner & cloth
    -Tinted visor

    Still leaves plenty of room for shopping, KFC bucket or whatever, too.
  11. Fender bunny she will get me what I need

  12. The permanent stuff under the seat of my Versys: Tyre repair kit, tool kit that came with it, fuses and clutch cable (had is replaced when I bought it and kept the old one for emergencies as it actually seem fine).

    When I do a ride somewhere rather than commuting I take all sorts of stuff!
  13. the only stuffs i can squeeze into that compartment of my gixxer are a puncture repair kit and disc brake lock.
    Had to sacrifice the stock toolkit that came with it for space.

    when i go for a ride, it depends on the destination and purpose..
    if it's for some spirited riding, i'll just have my wallet, phone and keys with me. don't like the feeling of a bag behind or anywhere on the bike.

    If it's a long journey, then I'd take a small selection of tools, pressure gauge, towels, water and a rain jacket.
  14. Depends on which bike I'm riding. If it's the Blade, I carry the disc lock under the pillion seat and sometimes a backpack if I need it. On the postie, which is still set up for courier work (i.e. the box), I carry tools, wet weather gear, melways, bungee cords, cable ties, pen and paper. And when I need to I can carry two slabs in the box. (y) Who needs a car???
  15. A small bicycle pump goes well with the puncture repair kit.
  16. R1 has roughly the same storage capacity as a crow's ass - so, need to choose carefully.

    On me: Phone, wallet, $20 cash.
    On bike: a few metres of strong cord, about ten zipties, mini roll of gaffa tape, two allen keys (that match 90% of my bike, obviously...), tiny LED light keyring thing, old hanky (very foldable rag), puncture repair kit, single-use araldite tube.

    Worst case scenario is I've broken down in such a way that I can't already fix (unlikely) and my phone battery is also dead (probably more likely) and I can't flag someone down. Since the R1 is hardly a tourer, I don't think I'm going to find myself in that situation anytime soon. Haven't even punctured a tyre yet! *touch wood*
  17. aerosol tyre repair
    small bike pump
    first aid

    hanky for visor/petrol spills

    would have decent painkillers but always munch them up
  18. Toolkit. Footpump. Puncture repair kit. LED torch. Visor cleaner & cloth. Road atlas. Condoms. Lube.
  19. I know there's a small tool kit at the back of my seat but I've never looked to see exactly what's in there. (embarrassing). In my saddlebags I carry water, a first aid kit, and some wet weather pants, and my RACQ road service phone number.
  20. Waterproofs
    First Aid kit
    Bike tool kit
    Leatherman tool
    Some cloth for cleaning

    On a longer trip
    Gaffer tape
    puncture kit