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what do you business guys/gals do for saftey gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TRA, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Currently I keep wear my draggins to work then get changed into dress pants, and also keep my work shoes at work. Problem is, carrying dress pants in my bag gets them creased. I have found that rolling them up is the best way but still often get creased. My jacket often leaves my shirts creased as well, no so much in the colder months, but a lot in summer.

    I see a lot of people riding to work in the dress pants, no saftey gear but I really dont like that idea. Lost skin and had gravel scrub once from a stack and not keen on doing it again.

    Just wondering what other solutions people have?
  2. You can wear synthetic pants and jacket over the top of your light clothing. Who cares about creases?
  3. Leather jacket over business shirt, draggins over slacks, boots and gloves. I leave my shoes at work, and pick the trousers accordingly.

    Easy as ;)
  4. I just leave all my work clothes at work
  5. I wear full gear to work and get changed once there. I just microfibre pants so I don't worry about creases. Also I leave my pants at work during the week, shoes stay here to.
  6. Wide leg enduro/rally overpants over the top. Textile jackets don't seem to crease my clothes too much - microfibre is your friend. (but then, I'm a slob, so I wouldn't notice anyway).
  7. Get a job that doesn't require you to dress like a ********. :bolt:

    Seriously, though, I leave my shoes at work, wear black kevlar jeans or Draggin chinos and accept what my jacket does to the shirt. At the moment I'm throwing a flanno over my office shirt anyway, 'cos it's a bit cool when the sun's not up, which will protect it from any grot on the inside of my jacket.

    But then, I'm an engineer and have found that, as a species, we're not really expected to be particularly shiny, even when office based.
  8. I have a pair of draggin chinos for client visits. When I need to be more formal, I leave full work gear at work. In the city I've found many buildings have a change room with lockers, so I just hired a locked to keep my work pants in.

    I bring my shirt folded in the tail bag and wear a tee under my jacket - the creases from the folding are better than the creases from the jacket (not to mention the sweat in summer)
  9. Lol PatB. Problem is that it is my business! Gotta look sharp for the clients. I used to wear a suit, but I have given that away for the best part. We have an ironing board in the office so if big clients come in I can always iron out the wrinkles.
  10. Ironing board at work - I love it. Why waste my own time ironing at home ha ha!
  11. Ironing?
    TBH I don't think I have ever properly ironed a shirt. Either my tops /pants are microfiber or I used the dryer.
  12. Slobs like you are an embarassment to this forum and to all riders in general ;)
  13. I'm convinced that Geeth falls into the "embarrassment in general" category.
  14. I wear dririder pants or my kevlar jeans over the top of work clothes, with my rjays jacket and my boots. I just undress at my bike, shove the bike clothes in bag on back of bike and take helmet to work.
  15. I'm not a slob. I never have a wrinkled shirt and my method of 'ironing' is just more time efficient.
  16. :worthlesspics:

    i got to bed full ATGATT, wake up 5:50 am sharp, on the bike by 5:51 am sharp, arriving at work by 5:57am sharp, 5:58 if i have to ditch the cops.
    i have a top and bottom locker at work, which means someone else misses out on a locker, but that's their ****ing problem.
    top locker i shove all the ATGATT, helmet, doonah.
    bottom locker i keep work clothes.
    at my work station by 6:00 sharp!!
  17. pics of what? me in bike gear? or me in work gear? neither are grand unfortunately lol
  18. When you go out for lunch and it's a bit chilly, do you put on your riding jacket? Bring a jumper or something in your bag to use instead? Or just go out in your shirt, shivering the entire way?
  19. I go out in your shirt, shivering the entire way