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What do you all think..?? I bought one !!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. thoughts on this .. Pick it up thursday.. :shock:

  2. Not really a fan of cruisers... But for someone who is it looks pretty sweet.
  3. What? The ZX12R just isn't fast enough? :p :p
  4. Got any blacker?
  5. Strech has one, i rode with him a week or 3 back.

    HEAPS of grunt, 1800cc V twin, 900cc per pot, BIG fugin pistons.
    I'm not a fan of cruisers but a bike like that could tempt me to the dark side as a second ride.
  6. Thats the Vulcan yeah?
    My old man has the Vulcan2000 and he loves it, got plenty of low down power and still gives out a good amount of grunt.
    Cant hit the corners too hard though, gets a bit of scrapege when he gets excited :grin:
    He took the stock pipes off, put new ones on and it sounds amaaaazing, also got rid of the small pillion seat and put on a proper pillion seat all Kawasaki parts.
  7. It's not a bad looking cruiser, perversely I kinda prefer the look of this version more though
    (If only they made it in something smaller than 1800cc).
  8. yamaha make nice cruiser.

    im a sports bike fan
  9. Nope.

  10. At 53 I think I am way too young to comment on cruisers :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Not one for cruisers but that does look damn hot.
  12. Whatever floats your boat :)

    OT: I noticed in profile it says:

    Motorbike/s: Blue 05 ZX12R

    Did you get rid of your other bike, it was a 250 GPX or something from (hazy pain killer med induced) memory?
  13. Its definitely better than what you where on, but why don’t you go the whole HOG :LOL: , the original and the best, forget the copies, also remember that you will need to change your riding wardrobe and *important* Don’t tuck your pants into your boots.
  14. Not bad although cruisers are not my cup of tea untill i rode my old mans WARRIOR :shock: This thing is unbelivable, its got heaps of power which you would expect from a 1700cc but the thing that spun me out was the handling of it he keeps up with me in the twisties :shock:
  15. You won't be needing your ZXR then... come on, hand it over!
  16. Re: What do you all think..??

    Nice lookin bike for a cruiser, very smooth.
  17. i still have the GPX750R. I also have the 12 still..
  18. Must... keep... quiet... can't... hold... back... any... longer!!!
    Pauly you suprise me!! You headed for the 14 first then change your mind for this... what gives?? Mid life crisis??? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Have you ordered your chaps yet?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :shock:
  19. Chaps are coming.. :LOL: