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What do yall think

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by alexjennings, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Stick with the current fairings or slap these puppies on her?

    As you can see current set up has wrong colour tank(Blue fairings, black tank(original tank was rooted)). But do the other fairings make it look too Blingy???


    Note-if its in the wrong section please move it.
  2. I like the stock fairings, they make the GS look very handsome. But then I'm a 'non-blingy' sorta person....
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  3. I prefer the original but it's personal choice.
  4. i will be moving overseas in january and Im trying to get the bike to the best selling condition. might have to paint the tank then.....
  5. So long as its either black / black or blue / blue. Whichever costs you the least.
  6. Remember someone who likes bling wants to customize it themselves. Blingy will lose it value.
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  7. I don't see the point in all the stickers, its a GS not an R1. Classic and clean look is the way to go.
    There are plenty of GS500s at wreckers with good tanks, but i have no idea what they would cost (compared to paint).
  8. Paint the tank blue
  9. What's a fairing??
    Naked is the only way to go. !!!!!!!
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  10. The black "Rockstar" fairings makes it look like a wankers bike.

    "Hey look at me, I can't afford a real sports bike, so I'm just put on these fairings to make it look like I can"
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  11. wot he said......:rolleyes:

    ....... and a prospective buyer could well think "its probably been ridden like that too......" :cautious:
  12. Get the tank resprayed to match the fairings I reckon. The blue looks way nicer, think the black looks tacky IMO.