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What do ya think of the gsf250/Bandit 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fingers89, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Hey all, i just wanted to know how you guys rate the suzuki bandit 250?
    I quite like the look of it, and the thing feels comfortable to use and ride.

    all comments welcome.


  2. I've had mine over 10 months and it is a great scoot. I love nakeds and it is a bit bigger than most other 250's. Being naked also is great for low speed drops/slides.

    Power wise I would say that most 250 I4's are very close and that I wouldn't be fussy about picking the one with the most go (if you'd notice any real difference at all). I've found it a predictable and nimble bike. It is great fun through the twisties and I only really felt it lacking on exiting a corner and on the straights.. but it is still plenty fast for me when you give it a good wring. Its the corners that count anyway :grin:

    On longer trips i get a bit cramped but I'm a lanky 6'2" so that's to be expected. I'm not sure what else to say but if you have any questions i've got no problem chiming in with my experience of the bike. I'm sure there are a number of people on the board who have had a fair bit of experience on the bandit.
  3. Fukcing awesome bike. Love mine to bits. Make sure you get an Aussie import 99 or 2000 model bike.
  4. actually do either of you guys know where to get a service manual from? Ive looked eveyrwhere i can think of and cant find one at all.

    cheers fringers89
  5. Ive got a 1990 model- grey import. I have the basic 'owners manual' stored on the computer and can probably send it to you if you like. The only way to get the workshop manual was by ordering through a dealer in my experience. If memory serves one would set you back about $120
  6. hi tomm, if you could send me the owners manual that'd be great. Ill have to have a look for the service manual. Ive already tried a desler, MCA, ebay and the internet itself.

    cheers fingers89
  7. Search is your friend
    (Beginning to lose track of the number of times people have asked for an owners manual).

    As for the bike itself, easily one of the best 250s you could buy. Being a scaled-down 400 it's a decent size and has the most torque of any 250 (and just as much power as any 4-stroke). Parts are easy to find and reliability is extremely good if it's been looked after. The Aus-delivered bikes with the variable exhaust make a great commuter since they have a very broad torque curve - although even the older models will still accelerate (just) from as low as 4000rpm. They also make a pretty good tourer too though would definitely benefit from a small screen if that's something you plan on using it for a lot.
  8. The Bandit was my first bike and I loved it! Very underated bike IMO, and in most cases they're not overpriced like the cbr's...

    I did many laps of the black spur at the weekends, a track day at broadford and it never missed a beat - get one and enjoy :grin:
  9. +1, I'm 6'1, and have done 500-600km rides on it, no problems (not to mention the icicle twice already), only really comfortable up to about 120, then you begin to feel like youre wringing it. Get a decent set of hoops on it and you can throw it around the city traffic no problems as well.

    I think I'm a sports tourer bloke. Sat on a few CBZXGS 1000 RRRRRs at the show, and really, they seem like a midget's bike.