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What do we all think about "Johnny Reb" boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bcg, May 23, 2010.

  1. HI Guys,

    New bike gets delivered on Wednesday and I'm looking for some boots that will not look too bad under jeans when off bike and not carrying a helmet.

    Best I've seen so far, to my tastes, are the rjay or thomas cook "Johnny Reb" style boots.

    Has anyone owned any and care to offer their opinion?

  2. Here's a pic to jog your memory:

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  3. you ride a tractor?
  4. BMW doesn't make tractors. Yamaha does though ;-)
  5. prefer my alpinestars but each to their own
  6. umm... just make sure they don't clash with your belt and your purse
  7. *sigh*

    Has anyone actually owned a pair and can comment on their durability/riding suitability?
  8. AS a boot they are pretty good but do not offer the protection of a "proper" set of motorbike specific boots. I worry about the soles/heels ripping off and the boots themselves coming off in an accident.

    The Rossi boots are a good option, but the Johnny Rebs would be 100% better then sneakers.

  9. I wore some Spanish made boots in similar style for years. I had to get them resoled (original leather soles were lethal on smooth, wet pavements etc.) but otherwise they proved comfortable and durable. Whether the sole will stay on depends largely on the quality of the stitching and/or adhesives used. I've seen a few bike specific boots I'd trust less. Yes, they could come off in a crash, but, if they're a good fit, it's unlikely. They're not supposed to be loose and flappy. Sure, they've no armour, but then, nor did most road oriented bike boots until maybe 20 years ago, the most you could expect being a maybe a steel toecap and a pseudo motocross shinguard.

    So yes, I'd regard it as being perfectly adequate, if not optimal, for bike use.

    BTW, I've never owned a Harley, but I've always inclined more towards the knackered leather jacket and jeans look than the Captain Zodiac image.
  10. I was given a pair randomly many years back.

    Wore them horseriding maybe a half dozen times before they stretched so much at the ankle as to become unbearably loose.
  11. Thanks very much for the on-topic replies.

    I ended up buying two pairs, TCX Competizione S and some RJays Johnny Rebs. The torsion guards on the TCXs sold me. I got the Johnny Rebs as well because I liked the look of them for "safer" rides.

    Thanks for the Chippewa link. They look exactly like what I was after - johnny reb look with a bit more protection in them. Will look into getting a pair.
  12. Been wearing Johny rebs for 3 yrs.
    Actually a very comfortable day to day boot.
    Wear the short boots as everyday boots AT work.
    Wont wear them riding, as 'Easy on - Easier off' applies in a stack situation.

    Have some longs for quick trips where I cant take another pair of shoes or boots to change into at my destination.

    Wear some SIDI 'cant kill em' boots on longer rides.
    They have managed 2 years, around Oz, across India, pouring rain, snow, gravel, and commuting with nary a mark on em. Can wear em for 12 hrs days, with no problems.
  13. I think that the Johny/Jenny reb's look fab if you ride a cruiser!!.... but sadly Sidi's look better on my ZZR!! :-s
  14. My hubby and a mate of his both have Johnny Reb boots for riding. Neither of them use wear those boots tho, they say they just arent comfortable.
  15. The original Rebs with leather soles where almost indestructable , I wore mine every where for about ten years but alas they are not the best bike boots .

    Leather soles prone to slip on wet or loose surfaces ( ever done the splits whilst trying to hold up 200 + kilos) They are only pull on so they may pull off if you have an off, they offer minimal shin protection . For the money a cheaper pair of proper motorcycle boots will be better spent.

    Alpine Star mid range boots would cost about the same price as genuine Rebs and be more suitable for riding.
  16. I think sirprice has hit on some good points, I would also ask why do you wear bike boots? If it is for protection then specific boots are best but if for fashion then rebs or similair would be better than sneakers. I have often thrown a pair of sneakers in my boot when I am going to walk around a lot.
  17. I reckon these will look silly on a BMW!
  18. HEY bcg, i have a pair of TCX Competizione S... they're pretty good, heavilly armoured and actually quite warm at this time of year... took me like a month to break them in/get used to them though... which was umm "interesting" at times, when i'd thought i'd changed gears but had'nt.
    but check out the steel slider kit upgrade, it's way cool, especially the heel sliders look awesome > i got it from here, good store> http://www.motorcyclepartsaccessoriesandclothing.com.au/product199/upgrading-kit-for-comp-s/

    i also got some thick woolen in-soles from the chemist, makes them nice and cumfy now.
    most unpleasant to walk in but tough boots, you could take a sledgehammer to my ankle and i doubt i'd feel it..
    compared to top end sidi's or a* the feel is comparable to a gumboot, but for commuting and the likelihood of being smashed into by some idiot driver I LIKE THESE BOOTS.
    ..and hey they look cool anyway