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What do we all love about each other?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. All this inter-bike slating has saddened me, oh but just a little.

    In the interests of good community relations, what is the nicest bike related thing that somebody has done for you, & what is the nicest thing you have done for somebody else? What was the bike?

    My efforts are sadly, but poor. I often stop to help people who appear to be having trouble, but have nothing much to share apart from one measily offering that sticks in my mind. It's not particularly special, but here goes anyway.
    I was riding to Devil's bridge back in the UK & came across a BMW rider who was struggling to push his bike up a hill, miles from anywhere. I turned around and gave him a hand. It turned out that his shaft drive had broken & he was just trying to move it to a safer area until his mate came back with help.
    Like I said, a pathetic attempt, but it was one of my first experiences of helping another rider (which is probably why it sticks in my mind) & it did give me a warm glow inside for having been a nice guy.

    Nicest thing done for me? I ran out of petrol many moons ago (again, just having started out) & a lovely fella helped me push my bike back to his house where he re-filled it for me before sending me off with a cheery wave.
    Lovely. Again, not much but what a lovely gesture.

  2. Hmmmm, I think I may stay away from this one... :p
  3. So your nick of nearlyempty was, in that case, fullyempty???
    A nice theme for a post. I think most of us would stop to help a fellow rider (even if he was on a Harley?).
    I got into big trouble once for NOT going back up the road to help a fellow rider, but that was because it was my wife! Boy, was she steamed when she came through to where I was waiting for her!
  4. Oh Skuff, come on, own up, you must have stopped and done some charitable deed for someone, somewhere, surely???
    (Does this mean if I break down in Merimbula I'm on my own???)
  5. Oh, dont get me wrong, I am the first to:
    Pull over and assist
    Help a fallen rider
    Pillion people home also.......

    But, there are also other things I like to do with new people... :D :D :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. When I had my off, Tones, Realm, VTRSteve and Bond Girl all offered to help.
    Tones, came round to my place and helped me straighten the forks so I could ride the bike to OCD Racing that Bond Girl recommended. Best thing that ever happended to me.

    Mind you it didn't help that Tones rubbed it in, that he been for a long blat (Hotham, I think) the day he came round to help me fix up the bike...:LOL:...Cheers Tones
  7. Jeez, NearlyEmpty, your pills most be even stronger than mine :LOL:
    where can I get some?
    Had to chase down a p-plater once (going in the opposite direction) who'd lost his gearsack on a corner and didn't know it. Took a good few k's (he thought it was "on" :LOL: )
  8. I take the BLUE ones (they fizz when you put them on your tongue & they taste like stale cheese).
  9. I swerved to miss a rider who was trying to flag me down on the nullabor once... I saw his corpse there a few weeks later on the trip home. :LOL:

    Seriously though, I haven't had too many rider charity stories, I haven't seen too many people come off so haven't needed to stop. Everytime I stop and ask, they say "yeah just stopped for a smoke" and I go on my way feeling sheepish. :)
  10. Some guy nearly ran me over on a sport bike. that was pretty awesome - ever since then I've wanted one.
  11. I stopped for a learner on the Eastern Fwy a few months back. Didn't know why his bike stopped.

    A quick glance told me that he was out of juice. Couldn't get petrol for him (was running late for an appointment in the city) but waited with him while he called some rellos to bring him some petrol).

    Also told him about us too!
  12. Oh yeah. Actually, I think I've got some cheese in the fridge that works even better than the pills :wink:

    Back in my learner days, my VT250 spluttered to a halt on a very hot day. Bloke on a ZZR1100 pulls over and spends about half an hour helping me get the air lock out of the fuel system. "Used to do it to me all the time" he says. "You had one of these?" I ask.
    "I had this one. I'm the one who put those scrapes down the left hand fairing" he replies.
    No wonder he knew what the problem was :)

  13. hahahhaha that is awesome... :D :D :D :D
  14. I'll push 2 fiddy riders over at the lights :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  15. Came off about a month or two after getting my first bike on the corner of Bell and Elizabeth st. Very low speed and I managed to ride it home. Kudos to the biker who stopped, made me calm down, and helped me get the bike upright and off the road.

    Kudos also to the rider who I caused to come off who was gracious about it and didn't try to take me to the cleaners.
  16. I helped a guy about 2 months ago. I was driving down the hill from my house when i came across scrapes on the road then saw a biker investigating his scrapes next to a bike on the side stand. I stopped and offered to help him. it was a ZXR750 and he has it only a week (upgrade from a ZZR250). Basically he had just twisted the giggle grip alittle too hard hard making a hard left turn DOWN hill on cold tyres. he said "i used to do it on my ZZR all the time". I just laughed and said well it ain't a 250 anymore buddy.

    We picked up the pieces, assesed the damage (cracked nose, left and right side fairing, scratched covers, broken starter button and both blinkers). He clutched it and rode it home. I followed him in the cage cause he only lived bout 30secs from the crash site. Waited while he detolled all the scratches, put his bike under the cover and then gave him a lift into uni (we both were on a way to uni). Consequently we were both 1 hour late to our 8:30 uni starts.
  17. A nice deed done for me was having Ron Blomley help me pick up my bike after a ute had run into the back of me at a roundabout in Belgrave (because he thought I'd gone. Oops I'm still here.).
    He later introduced himself as the President of the Melbourne Chapter of the Ulysses club and invited me to join. :D
  18. I pissed on a 2 fiddy rider when he was on fire once :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  19. i wil try and stop for both cars and bieks alike if theyre pulled over. a bit of karma. i ran out of fuel in the cage once and had me jerry can handy and the bloke drove me to the servo where he worked. had a laugh casu i said to him "youre just trying to drum up business!"

    run out of fuel several times (F#$kin fuel guage)
    and many a rider has stopped for me..... :D :D

    what goes round comes around
  20. I think that's what distinguishes us from car drivers. We stop and help each other whereas car drivers don't seem to do it near as much.

    I think it has something to do with the perception that we are a persecuted minority and so must stick together...that's my thoughts anyway.