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what do people think of motards

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by The Jabbo, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. what you think of motards

    do they cut it as road eaters or just glorified dirt bikes?

    still tossing up possible bike upgrade options, so opinions would be nice:)


  2. Around town they absolutely rip. Great visibility, light and narrow.

    As scratchers they rip to but tend to have limited range (dirt bike tanks) and can require a iron butt (dirt bike seats). Some of the less race focused models coming onto the market are better in those areas than the full on motards.

    Not practical as a tourer.
  3. I would have thought that wide handlebars would have made the relatively wide compared to a street bike.
  4. Motards are great mate.
    Most fun I had on a bike this year was test riding the DRZ 400.
    (It needs to go down a tooth on the front sprocket however.)

    The KTM single cylinder Duke is also heaps of fun.

    The Euro Motards are the pinnicle of Motard design. Husqvarana and Husaberg.

    You might also want to wait until the new Ducati motard comes out and hopefully also the Yamaha MT-03.

    You can also just buy a regular trail bike, like an XR 600 or an XT 600 and put sticky road tires on it. The only real difference is the motards generally have a bit less suspension travel and less dive under brakes.

    Not great bikes for long distance comfort or avoiding wind resistance.
    Around town they are great.
    I'd do Sydney to the Blue Mountains and back on one no worries.
    (I once rode an XL 500 from Sydney to Cape York and back, so perhaps I'm a little more into pain than most.) :LOL:

    On twisty mountain roads the motards are great, for riding in city traffic they are perfect. And of course you can still howl along dirt roads as well.

    An alternative albeit with more on road bias is the Ducati Multistrada.
  5. Yes at the bars but they are plenty high enough to clear mirrors/doors etc. The bulk of the bike is much narrower.
  6. Because they sit so high Matt the handlebars are normally above car mirrors. Hence easy to lane filter.
  7. Don't understand what all the excitement is about with this hypermotard, it's just a dressed up mulitstrada. I would rather get the new 950 ktm supermoto, looks like a mean thing.
  8. i wouldnt mind riding one they seem a little more comfy then most bike
    and if what Jaqhama said about easy lane filtering then yeah sweet
    ill gladly take one
  9. I think they are buck wylde. :cool: