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What do people do with their bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. At the Pie Shop this morning, I noticed a "For Sale" notice taped to the window.

    "Ducati ST3. 4 years old 2800kms. $15500."

    It prompted me to ask the above question. Here's a 4 year old bike that has averaged 700kms per year for the last (and first) 4 years of its life.

    Now, before all the smarties jump down my throat, I'm aware that there are a myriad of factors that could have led to this situation. It could have been crashed and taken ages to be fixed. The owner could have been sick/injured/overseas or a host of other things. He/she may own 17 bikes and only gets to ride this one ocassionally; all of the above and more.

    But it did seem strange that a beautiful sports/touring bike should have only covered 700kms a year (average) in 4 years.

    So, what DO we do with our bikes? And why is it that these things happen? My son-in-law recently bought a beautiful ZX6-R that has only covered 6000kms in the last 7 years and my VFR was similarly placed when I bought it a year or so ago.

    I'm guessing that 90% of us use our bikes for commuting 90% of the time, and you can use any bike for any purpose. People have crossed the Nullabor on Postie bikes and Nick Sanders rode around the world on an R1.

    For me, I use my bike for eveything. I commute on it, I do regular rushed trips up Macquarie Pass to the Pie Shop, and often on through the Valley and back home in the Wollongong "lap".

    I do day trips on it and also long-distance tours, and my old red bike was also pressed into service on the track as well.

    In the mean time, if anybody wants an immaculate ST3, 4 years old with only 2800kms on the clock, contact me. I know where there's one going.

  2. well ive done 8000kms in one year and that has been what i consider average use. will be looking at an 04 with 6000kms on it in the morning.
  3. Per Year; Bike = 8,000km - Car 35,000km - Work Hilux 50,000km and only one of them has cruise control to stop me staring at the speedo!
  4. I bought my 05 R6 with 14kk on the clock 6 months ago. It now has 21kk on the clock.
    I commute and play and use the bike as my primary form of transport.
    In 12 months I will have done as much travel on the bike as it had done in the previous 5 years…
    Go figure
  5. 10,600km in 3 months since I got my Daytona. Currently commuting 100km a week for work, and what ever else in twisties fun and general run arounds where I can do it with the bike (including Tires! :grin:)

    Car only really gets used for shopping as its an excuse to run the motor once a week.
  6. I just use mine as a tourer and weekend fun machine, its a 2003 model I bought new and just passed 42k so average about 7k/year. If you commute it racks up the k's a lot quicker. :)
  7. currently, I just use my bike to get bread and milk at the shops. I'm too lazy to go anywhere on the weekend.

    Maybe I'll do a trip down the coast one of these days.
  8. Nah, I reckon 10% of bikes are used for commuting, the rest get wheeled out on nice weekends and ridden.
  9. My average breakdown is as follows

    Cage - 7000k's per year
    K1 GSXR-1000 - 15000 k's per year
    K8 GSXR-1000 - 12000 k's per year
    K6 DR650 - 5000 k's per year, though tours do affect this in an upwards direction

    Main commute (FTG-City) is done on the K1 and occasionally on the K8, I personally don't like lane splitting on the DR as the handle bars are too wide, so this gets left at home on (most) work days.

    Most of the k's on the K8 come from weekend rides but these tend to be a lot longer than a commute to work.

    Cage is only used to carry stuff that wont fit in panniers and topbox (DR only)

    Yes it costs a fortune to rego and insure 3 bikes (and a cage) but in saying that I want my monies worth so they all get ridden as regularly as possible. I personally don't see the point in paying rego and insurance on something that sits in the garage and gets looked at occasionally and ridden even less.

    However, it's normally a good buy when you get a bike like the Duc above second hand, low k's and the big chunk of depreciation has already occurred.
  10. 38,000kms in 18 months. But 0 untill I get a new bike.
  11. ....When I am not riding my bike... I stare lovingly at it!! Sad but true!! :D
  12. Had mine for about a year and done 22,000k's ... and that's only because I've had a little bub and couldn't ride as much as I wanted to.
    Commute to work every day (80k round trip) ... and since weekend rides have become rather rare, I've started taking the long way to and/or from work ... which is anywhere from 120k to 290k round trip, depending on the route I take.

    Luuuurve riding - I'd be a very grumpy old man without my bike :)
  13. I've had my 08 R1 just under a year and nearing 10,000kms.

    a 4,600 km trip to brisvagas and back from melbourne helped that (driving up the coast and back down the middle) so nearly due for second service ;)

    pref to ride the bike in good weather but if riding it to work and looks like rain just take the rainsuit with me :)

    have an older guy at work that will ONLY take his bike out on a sunny sunday afternoon... that's not really enjoying a bike imo
  14. Maybe some people are riding the hell out of their bikes, and then buying a low kays speedo from the wreckers before they sell it ^_^
  15. I'm not sure if you meant it this way, but I think that is wrong.

    I'd say the larger percentage of bike owners do most of their riding on weekends. The more recent breed of owners have bought them as a toy for the weekend. Although I concede there has been a spurt in the last 2 years purchased around fuel economy.

    So the weekend warrior buys a bike fully intent on riding 1000km every weekend, but in reality find they get to ride it about 20km once a month or even less.

    either that or it's just an Italian bike.
  16. I have had mine 12 months (and had another before that) and still catch myself looking at it going "Gee that just looks great"
  17. Now we should make a poll about that, shouldn't we? I know I do the same thing.
  18. I commute daily, but will do more weekend riding when i get off restrictions... longer distances on the 250 are killer (im 6"3 and weight 115Kg).
  19. I gotta say I have the utmost admiration for people who do long rides on 250's. I know a few people who do it and, after riding my son-in-law's ZZR250 a few times, I get the shivers just thinking about riding one any further than the corner shops!!!
  20. I think that taking a sample of mileage/age at the Pie Shop is dodgy anyway: I'm sure some blokes ride there once a year just to be seen there :LOL:!!

    {For the record, the Hornet had 54,990 on it in March '05, and now has 139,000 on it.}