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What do I need to know about the Zeal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Peaches, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    I’m looking to ditch Peaches for a two fiddy, and have my eyes set on a Zeal. Going to test ride one from a private seller this Sunday, but just thought to ask a few questions here first.

    The model year is 1999, last service done in Sept, and the bike overall looks very clean. I know I’ll need to look at it in more detail when I see it in the (mechanical) flesh on Sunday, but are there any “quirks†or issues that are native to the 1999 FZX250?

    I’ve done googles searches and even on NR, but couldn’t come up with too much info on the bike. Any help would be very much appreciated!

  2. Not sure, but with a name like that it's fair to say that they're willing, enthusiastic, forward and eager!

  3. It’s not a ZZR… What else has to be wrong with it? :LOL:
  4. IS that the engine out of the FZR250?

    I've ridden one but it was forever ago, I don't remember it being anything but a fine motorbike. I do recall hearing that they went out of production because they cost Yamaha so much to make that they couldn't sell them for an attractive price.
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  6. Given the above I'd recommend a bandit 250 or hornet 250 instead if your dollar stretches to one.
  7. Thanks all – my understanding was that the Zeal was the naked/ half faired version of the FZR250. But Loz I take your point.

    I do however like the look of the half faired Zeal over ze bandit or hornet, and I’m hoping to bring the price down a bit for the bike I’m looking at on Sun. The Zeal’s rego’ed to Sept 09 and was serviced when it was greenslipped a month + ago.

    Thanks for the linky, btw. Will check it out when I finish my meeting in 45 mins.

    And yes boys it’s not a ZZR :D Much as I love ‘em, I can’t seem to find one that is mechanically sound, in the price range and condition I want.
  8. its better than a 125. thats all you need to know.

    they seem like a decent bike on par with a bandit or spada
  9. If you can be patient there are a number of excellent condition zzr's had for less than a new cbr125 and it is definately not hard to find zzr's in good mechanical condition. Particularly since there are thousands out there it is not hard to find a good one. Admittedly though there are many examples i wouldn't buy. You just need to know what to look for. Trust me. I know.

    As long as the values have be done regularly the motors will last a very long time.

    This time of year it maybe harder to find a bargin. But if you can buy up something quickly, bargins can be found.

    However you might not be willing to wait and thats understandable.

    I have also heard it is extremely hard to find parts for the fzr. I'm not too sure if this is the same for the zeal, since the zeal was imported by yamaha for a short time.

    the zeal is a Nice looking bike, though. I was looking at buying one last year, but after lots of research and spending lots of time searching NR posts. i decided against it.
  10. 10500rpm? :shock: must have been a limited edition non existant v-twin
    the ones i tested rode and eventually bought all red lined at 15000rpm..
    the zeal is a champ.. the only problems i ever had was with the regulator/rectifier part of the electrical system.. parts were fairly easy to come by
    i havnt really compared it with anything else in the naked category but i have consistently beaten my mate on his cbr250rr up to about 100k an hour..so i guess it does go pretty hard.. if thats one of the reasons your upgrading from the 125
    it runs out of steam after about 13500 but its got enough power for what it is i suppose..
    just make sure the valves get cleaned..
    good luck with it...
    *oh yeh.. thought id mention i got mine for 3k.. their cheap as chips! dont pay more then 4k for one..
  11. Back when I was buying my first bike, I did a fair bit of research on the 250cc zeals. Even went to look at one. Decided against them when I saw it in person because the half fairing and chromy-ness looked silly. But it was very comfortable to sit on.

    On paper they are pretty decent, 145kg dry, 40ps@12krpm. However I hear that power drops off sharply after 12k. Max speed of 140km/h according to the 'nets.

    They are fairly expensive here. Some sellers asking $4.5k :shock: Looking at them, I can't help feeling that a similar aged 10 year old gpx250r would be a better deal. Not far behind in power, more torque, and a fair bit cheaper. Plus it has more wind protection.
  12. A couple of my mates had Zeals and thought they were great. Mechanically very good. The only problem I recall was the part of the seat that moulded around the side of the fuel tank (really bad design) would come apart. This was easily fixed though.
  13. I saw one in traffic the other day and I like the looks.
  14. Thank you all. If everything goes to plan, I'll be picking up The Badger tomorrow.

    She screams worse than a crazed banshee, and has no torque under 6k RPM. Absolutely hilarious bike to ride :D

    Cheers again!

  15. Boys and girls,

    I’m looking to ditch the $hitty Dunlops on the Zeal for some sticky tyres. Problem is I don’t know which ones suit them. Haven’t checked the size of tyres yet, but I assume it’s 140 rear, 110 front? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    Any recommendations? I’m looking for something sticky – I do a lot of twisty riding – but not something crazily expensive, and with a bit of life in them.

    Thanks all

  16. That's easy Ruthie. Ditch the Sh*tty Dunlops and get some sticky Dunlops instead ;) Try the Dunlop GPRA-10. It would have to be the stickiest road going tyre for 250's out there at the moment. From memory in their former guise (the GPR70) they used to be the control tyre for Australian 250 road racing.