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What do I need (paperwork wise) when purchasing a bike?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by huzey, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. What do I need paper work wise when buying a bike (privatly)?

    The bike iam looking at has no road worthy certificate, I asked around about this, it seems like a pretty grey area, do I need one legally to buy the bike?

    Also, how should I pay the person? Direct deposit ? Carrying $3500 + seems kinda silly....

    Also, what paper work do I need? What other checks (other than mechanic) should I do on the bike? I know about that 'REVS' check, anything else.

    Thanks for all your help! Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I'm not sure where else to put this :p
  2. What state are you in???????
  3. It is ILLEGAL to sell a bike or car with reg if it does not have a RWC.

    For the small price it cost for a RWC( about $60 + any repairs required) it's not that big of a thing for the seller to provide.

    Payment....ask them what they prefer, I personally took cash with me, and my 6f3 brother :p

    Paperwork... all I took was my license so they could verify who I was for the transfer papers.
  4. Ahh ok, well I'll need him to get a RWC, who can do that? the RTA? Im guessing they can't do it on weekends either :(

    Iam in NSW btw.
  5. 1. Cheque book
    2. Pen
  6. May be your rider's licence to fill in the transfer papers.
  7. NSW, ok that's different to VIC.
    Not sure on the rules up there, something about a pink slip.
    I have a mate that does roadworthy stuff for bikes in MINCHINBURY (west syney)

    Ask for Tex, tell him I pointed you his way :wink:
    T.J. automotive and motorcycle performance.
    14/43 sterling Rd Minchinbury.
    9675 5888
  8. that must be a Victoria thing
    cause i've never bought or sold a car or bike here in SA WITH a road worrhty certificate
  9. Yes, it is a VIC thing.
  10. You can sell them but you can't sell them with reg. :wink:
  11. NSW.

    You do a Revs Check to make sure bike ain't stolen, got money owing on it. It's free.

    You then get the owner to write out a receipt.

    Technically you don't need the rego papers, but it makes life easier. (And it's the best way to check if they actually do own it).

    No pink/blue slip required from the seller. No RWC either. If it's already registered you don't have to worry about it. If not you have to blue/pink slip it depending on situation. This is all the buyers responsiblity.

    Paying the person depends on the person. You have to ask them. Some are fine with bank cheques, others are only happy with cash, some okay with direct deposit.

    3.5k is too much to carry? I paid 17k in cold hard cash for the GSA.
  12. I see, so I'll check the VIN, rego and engine number on the bike, and match this up with his registration sheet?
  13. Match up with his rego papers & then check with Revs.

    Technically you don't need the rego papers to buy the bike, just a receipt from the owner.

    When you go to the RTA you either present a receipt or the rego paper slip.

    REVS doesn't tell you who owns it, just tells you if ain't stolen and as of that time if there is any money owing on it.