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What do i get Ninja 250r or hyosung gt250r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by psytops, May 15, 2008.

  1. I am looking at getting my first road bike i have had dirt bikes for years and now am looking at a road bike but not really shore what way to go
    i can get a Hyosung gt250r for 6800 on road or the ninja 250r for 7000 on road i have been to both dealers and spoken but still not shore what way to go

    Any help would be grate

  2. I have two suggestions
    The first is go to the introductions section and introduce yourself.
    The second is to use the search function at the top of the page and look up what is posted on both the new ninja 250 and Hyosung in general and the GT250R in particular.
    I think this will answer your question without being addressed again, as there is a vast amount of content on both bikes.
  3. lol falcon-lord
    last time i said what you said the guy retaled back at me :p
    but i was in a pissy mood and i didnt structure it very well hahah
  4. I'd go the Ninja. There is a reason why people are waiting up to 3 months to buy one. It will have the best resale value of any new 250cc bike on the market. The hyosung will hurt with poor resale.
    24 kw versus hyosungs 21kw and it's a few kilo's lighter. 155kg versus 166kg from memory.

    And there are quite a few stories floating around and hyosungs reliability and price of spare parts/time to get spare parts. Do a search as Falcon lord suggested and you'll find some of them. It's a case of waiting 2-3 months to get the ninja, or end up waiting 2-3 months for parts for a hyosung.
  5. and Hyosungs give you cancer...
  6. A beer says this is a troll. Any takers?
  7. I'm guessing you live close to the beach ? :p
    Give the Hyo a miss, :wink:
  8. I'll take that bet! :cool:
  9. Don't buy either.
    Buy a 2nd hand bike and save yourself a bucket load of cash.
  10. ^^^ :rofl:

    I LOVE that guy!! Have you heard Henry Rollins taking the piss out of him Kish?
  11. hyosungs are cheap pieces of crap....
  12. Yeh bud :LOL:

    OP = Troll
  13. Surely someone trolling wouuld use a bit more subtlety..then again maybe not, No bet, its probably a troll
  14. Dont waste your time with a 250 just go straight to a zx10 and ride it unlicenced and uninsured.Go do laps of the most populated areas where mr plod hangs out ,then when he chases you dont stop :shock:
  15. lol, nice to see someone is keeping abreast of correct spelling here.

    FYI, its spelt "sure" not "shore" in the above sentence.

    shore = sea shore

    sure = im not sure

    btw, the ninja 250R looks awesome, as does the hyosung. but agreed that apart from waiting for the ninja to be available i cant see a downside (unless its physically not as large and u need a bigger bike).

    The Ninja is cheaper, has a better reputation for reliability, and may be quicker.

    no brainer for me.

    the only other i was considering was the gt650R hyosung, because u can make it learner legal.
  16. lol the bugger is still yet to come back to post
  17. He'd have to turn up and introduce himself before I buy Dougz a beer, it's just too blatant.
  18. yea ok i might just go for a older bike than update to a bigger one later

  19. What part of geelong you from?