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what do diff 250 crusiers ride like

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Boff, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Ok so i have been going over the threads on here for and against different 250 cruisers, but so far i have not really found a thread that compares how some of them ride. I have never riden before (aside from my learner training) and i have not test rode the bikes i have sat on.
    so far i have looked at and sat on the:
    sukuzi VL250
    Kawasaki VN250
    Yamaha vstar 250
    Hyosung GV250

    I like the wide grip of the hyosung better than anything else but with that wide grip do i loose any control over the bike?

    has anyone riden any of these and has any for and against for any of these or similar 250's ie turning circles or anything techincal that i should know about?

    any information would be appreciated.
  2. Cruisers traditionally have a worse turning circle than other form-factors (sports, etc).
  3. It does not say who tall you are...

    I am 6'3" and riding a gv250 hyosung atm...

    Personally I think it is a bit "short" for me though. I can stand over it and not touch the seat at all.

    I have had it to 130kmh and to me it cops a bit of buffeting and likes to follow the tracks in the road a bit to well. But it does ride ok.

    Turning in a tight circle can be a pain though, but otherwise it is reasonably comfortable. My but got a bit sore on the last Honda Ride to Huskinson though.
  4. im about 180cms weigh 65kgs
  5. I recently test rode all these 250 cruisers bar the Hyosung...

    First test ride was the Kawasaki Eliminator...thought it too "sporty" in its reach and hard to ride, returned it within 5 minutes...next I tried the Suzuki Intruder...thought this could be the one, although I was a little put off by it's "plastic" chrome look...and I got a big thumbs down from a truck driver at the lights (bad omen),
    until I rode the vstar...loved the wide handlebars and soooo easy to manouvre (even did a u-turn!)...until I took it for a burn on the freeway in heavy rain...it was a slug at 100k (and screaming) and I felt like I was going to be blown across oncoming traffic, it was sooooo feather weight.

    Disillusioned, I went back to test ride the Suzuki Intruder but as fate would have it, I couldn't get a ride so I took the Eliminator out again instead. My first impressions were completely wrong. It was superior in so many ways...the look and feel was quality (no plastic look), it's heavier and feels like you are sitting on something solid and stable, but I think what really sold me was how comfortable it felt at 110...like it was just opening up...

    If you are looking for a cruiser to commute around the city, go any of the others, but if you want to hit the countryside or freeway, pay the extra bucks and go the Eliminator.
  6. I'm 195cm, and at the time was 130kg.

    The Suzuki Intruder served me extremely well, even up to 120km on the highway. Although that was indeed its limits.

    Only fault with it is that it really needs another gear.

    Otherwise most excellent.
  7. Thanks people, yeah so far i have been thinking bout spending the extra bucks to get the eliminator (as it has the extra gear) and the aquila as it just feels bigger to sit on has a big size fuel tank, I plan on doing some freeway riding and taking weekends away if i can.
    I will prob test ride all the bikes i have been thinking about but exrta info cannot hurt. thanks
  8. I have had the Suzuki since March and it rides and handles well,sits on 110 on the Freeway everyday I ride to work and fun around the city. I am 186cm and 130kg, slips along very nicely with me on it, have heard of others reaching 140km but I have not pushed over 120km, it still had some in reserve. The more it has loosened up the better it goes.
  9. Definately, love my Suzuki.
  10. Had my Suzuki Intruder nearly a month (bought new), still trying to run it in. Love riding it when I can which is never enough! I ignore the plastic shiny bits - just don't damage them.

    I looked at the Suzi, Kawa, Hyo, & Yammy 250 cruisers.
    The Yammy was just too small for me, I wasn't confident of the Hyo's record so far as its brand is new to me (and dont like the styling of the 650). As I was on L's at the time test riding them was not possible.

    For me it boiled down to between the Eliminator or the Intruder - the extra gear and valve on the Eliminator was very tempting. But in the end it all came down to money. Given this is a temporary bike, 2 years max, I decided that the mechanical differences were insignificant compared to the price differences. Also I will happily trade up to a larger bike from either when the time comes, in fact the VN900 really has me drooling!

    That and apparently Kawasaki are not including the Eliminator or similar in its 2008 lineup. If anybody knows for sure can the advise?

    Both are good bikes, if you don't mind the extra money go for the Eliminator. You never know, it may become exclusive if they stop bringing them in.
  11. Aquilla

    Hi I learned and went for licence on an Aquilla that I've been riding for 7 months. The only other 250 cruiser I tried was the Virago.

    Only thing that might add to others is that I chose Aquilla over Virago because I was told the extra weight of the Aquilla would make it a more stable bike in the wind. Also thought it would make my upgrade easier as would be used to a heavier ride.

    U-turns took a bit of extra practise to make them tight - but I think I may be a better slow rider because of it.

    BTW find that the shiny plastic control panel can be like having a mirror in your face - thinking of taking to it with some black shoe polish.

    Good luck on your purchase.
  12. They are not bringing out a Kawasaki Eliminator in 2008. I checked with Kawasaki.