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What do bikers do for take-away?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wannabe_rider, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone.

    Say it's 8pm and you're hungry, so you decide to go down to the local Macca's or KFC to get some food. You take your bike. What do you do if you want to take the food home? Do you just put the plastic bag on the backseat? What about the cup?


    Oh, and have you ever gone through a drive-thru with your bike?
  2. Yes I have gone through drivethrough. But best friend was working in it and hadn't seen my bike yet, and didn't know I was coming. Good times..

    IMO if take away on a bike is necessary, go buy an across. Take away kings :D
  3. there is a range of tank bags/tail bags/panniers or end a back pack that will help with your transport needs

    check online site or visit your local motorcycle shop :grin:
  4. Yes, many times. I have a small hole in the chin-guard of my helmet and I phone ahead and ask the friendly staff for a quarter-pounder with cheese, large fries and a coke, and I get them to blend it all together in one container, then drink it through the hole in my helmet. Yummmo :LOL:

    But seriously, if I'm in that much of a hurry that I can't get off the bike and go inside and sit down, I don't bother. It's not as if KFC or Maccas is gourmet food that you've just gotta have, no matter what, eh?
  5. Why are Across's take away kings? Is there such thing as a bike having a boot? When I was younger I always thought that the rear thing (I think it's called a cowl) could lift up and you could store things in it. Sorta like the size of an esky.
  6. The Across has a container where the fuel tank normally is, and the fuel is elsewhere (so I'm told :LOL:).
  7. Does that mean the thing where you hang your helmet off is absent? I've heard that you can lift your rear cowl (I think), pull out some clip thing, then push the cowl down and lock it again so your helmet hangs there and can't be stolen. I just wiki'd it and it says it's a helmet container.
  8. easy.


    now where to put the burger?
  9. Yes that is correct. The Across have a storage compartment big enough for you to fit your whole helmet in. The fuel tank is located under the seat towards the back of the bike. Hence when you start the bike you can hear the fuel pump starting up.
  10. If it's small enough tuck it into your jacket.
  11. i bring a waterproof bag whereever i go. get bottle or can for drink
  12. yeah at maccas ignore the drink. bag goes in the jacket and thru-u-drive
  13. Backpack, Ventura bag on the back, whatever, no worries.
  14. backpack... scull the drink. Cans tend to explode...
  15. Yep ive got a take away king :LOL:
  16. Funny that, I ordered a pizza last night and started the bike and only realize "Shit, where am I gonna put it" after I jumped on, lucky I haven't left the house yet and took the car instead :p

    It sux that way doesn't it
  17. How are Suzuki Across's as a first bike?
  18. Can be VERY handy, having the "mini boot" for people. I was looking at an across or VTR250 for my first road bike, chose the VTR for v-twin rumble love :) (staintune pipes!)
  19. Go to KFC or Red Rooter, where the soft drinks are all in bottles. Anywhere else (Maccas etc), just don't take the drink. If you don't have any on-bike storage, a backpack will work nicely.

    The only tricky parts are (1) hearing the drive through person over the sound of the engine, and (2) paying for your meal whilst wearing gloves. :grin:
  20. Another thought would be to take your other half to sit at the back holding the drinks in those lovley little cardboard thingies they give you and the bag of munchies in the other hand.