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What do Aussies say? Motorbike/Motorcycle Rental/Hire?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RoadTrip, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Motorcycle Rental

  2. Motorcycle Hire

  3. Motorbike Rental

  4. Motorbike Hire

  5. gimme a break...

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  1. Fellow Netriders all - could I ask your opinion?:
    My line of work is renting bikes and gear in UK - some of which you can see below - and many of our customers are overseas visitors wanting to tour UK and Europe. We particularly want to reach out to Australian riders - and knowing how to phrase it best, counts for a lot with local Search Engines etc.
    Poms talk about 'Motorbike Hire', we 'hire' everything except for property, which we 'rent'. Americans, on the other hand, say 'Motorcycle Rental' - they seem to rent most things. So, what do you say? - what would you type into Google? - without thinking about it too much.
    Appreciate your pov. Thank you very much. Participation guarantees a discount!
    Best wishes, ride safe.
    - Keith
    WVAM group shot.

  2. All those bikes are the wrong way up, you'd have to turn them upside down for Aussies to hire them!
    But seriously, in Melbourne we say Motorbike Hire. If you want to know what Queenslanders say, you'd have to ask the question more slowly. ;)
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  3. naughty...;-)
  4. Yep, "motorbike hire" would work in Tasmania but we are all descendants of the crims you guys sent out in the 1800's so you probably wouldn't want to rent the bikes out to us anyway..........
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  5. Well as far we are concerned in qld, anything south of border is MEXICO.
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  6. And what's wrong with that?
  7. Have you ever been to Mexico??
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  8. Was going to recount a story from one of the times I did travel to the real Mexico, but then decided no it wasn't a good idea. Definitely "hire"
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  9. Ever been to Russia that's in the north.
    Nah but seriously Queensland is such a nice place that I can almost forgive you for their meals
  10. What's wrong with bundy and king prawns for breakfast and lunch?
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  11. I'm in nsw, I'd search for motorbike/motorcycle hire. I was born up north though (qld, not Russia), so take from that what you will
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  12. I searched for 'motorcycle hire' in USA and all the results came back as 'rental'. I think Google is smart enough to make the connection.
    FWIW, and since Google is essential skewed to American consumers, I now tend to use American terms regardless of country.
    Within Australia, I'd use 'hire' first though.

    I also instinctively tend to think 'motorbike' leans toward Harleys, and 'motorcycle' to every other kind of bike.
    Nothing about Mexico is ever a good idea.
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  13. I would choose 'rental' as I refer to all cars as rental cars ??? I class a hire car as like a glorified taxi :] that someone else drives.
  14. I've never thought of it as north or south. I've always thought it was proximity to the equator. The closer you get, the redder the necks and the slower the talk. Sorry for the derail!
  15. Hire in general, personally Motorcycle Hire but Motorbike hire is valid. Rental for cars but I don't think of it for bikes.
  16. Probably Hire, though i'd probably end up searching either
    Think you're right - turns out mexico is in QLD..... :D
    Google Maps
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  17. Now it's all starting to make sense... (y)
  18. Motorcycle hire.
  19. I'm a Pom Keith, so of absolutely no use to you whatsoever on this one.

    However, I have noticed these Aussie fella's are a little bit touchy about other States. I just think we're all equal under the Commonwealth banner ;)
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