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What did you think of the SYDNEY Motorbike Expo?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. As the topic states, What did you think of the Sydney Motorbike Expo?

    Please remain on topic and just post your views on the expo and what could be added/omitted to make it better for next year.

    I don't want to hear that Carly was the most gorgeous person walking around all weekend either. She's mine I tell you.......mine!!!!!!!, all mine!!!!!! :)

    Right where were we?

  2. To be honest, a little bit "same-old"

    When you go a few years in a row and even the layout is exactly the same. . . .

    Still overall I enjoyed it despite not being able to see much because I was chasing my 3 year old around.

    Still she gave me a good excuse to talk to the balloon and sticker girls.
  3. Well it was in Sydney i supsect it would have been FABO :butt:

    sorry Vic :oops:
  4. KTM not there last year, so good to see all their offerings in one place.

    More clothing (even though Sydney had more than Melbourne) and accessories, they'd sell a heap if they priced it right.

    More test rides. BMW not doing them this year, so only Harley/Buell.

    Free bike parking - $16 isn't enough :roll:
  5. To be honest, I wasn't impressed by the lack of nudity.
  6. Hmmm... Haven't been to previous years. It was OK, but not great.

    Obviously the usual manufacturers had their gear on display, but there was nothing of particular interest that I wouldn't have seen in a shop really.

    Yes lack of nudity/decent looking promo girls is an issue.

    Yamaha freestyle moto team were good, so was the stunt bloke on the yellow CBR.

    I was happy with what I payed for the tickets, and had fun. Nice to have a play with a ZX10 and have a perve on the MV stand.
  7. Matt Mingay. One of the best stunters in Aus. Considering he had pretty much the equivalent of a long wide alleyway to perform in the show was awesome.
  8. This year was the first chance i had to see the Motorcycle Show. It was nice to be able to sit on all the makes of sportsbikes, some that i am interested in looking at come upgrade time, and the benefit of having them all under one (or two?) rooftops.

    I would have liked more things to spend money on though.. aftermarket bling bits, accessories, videos, books - bits and pieces that wont break the budget, but will leave me with the feeling that i grabbed some bargains as well as some retail therapy.

    The manufacturers and stunt guys were great.
  9. It was the first time I got to see and touch the Street Triple,
    which I have on order - so for me that alone was worth the price
    of admission.

    Rest of the show was good - I enjoyed the BMW stand also.
  10. So no one flashed their Netrider membership card to get a discount on entry?
    tsk tsk tsk :p
  11. lol i didnt know u could get a discount using netrider membership doh!

    I thought it was pretty good like others said it made me narrow my decision down to the bikes i am thinkingof buying next year but i was dissapointed with the kawasaki display no 2008 models? and it would have been nice to sit on an mv augusta also but all in all i would rate it a 7/10 i rkn
  12. 1st visit for me.
    AS i am still on my L's was a chance to sit on a few bikes, some of which are way above my price range, some sent shivers down my spine, ie the shiver... to me it was scary just sitting on it.

    Sat on some nice feeling bikes as well, which Is the main reason why I went. and to drag the Wife around as well... :)

    Looking at a kwaka, but suprised i did not see the versys on the stand (from memory :) )

    Good for the 1st time for, dont think il go again till 09 though..
  13. Bit disappointing as it was pretty much the same as last year. I won't pay to go next year if it's pretty much the same.

    I started a thread on lack of woman's quality riding gear at the show but got hammered so won't mention that again :wink:
  14. i flashed my uni student card :p

    that got me enough of a discount :cool:

    security guards were surprisingly lax, allowing me to ride around on a segway in there :LOL:

    where are the photo's of vic on it? :twisted:
  15. Was stuck in Melbourne so didn't get to go :(

  16. I sat on the versys.

  17. fark. i loved it.
  18. It was my first one. The best part was meeting Vic ..... :p

    I wished I had more time there. I would have liked to show my gf's son some demos. Now he's all excited about buying a Motorcross bike, that he started a newspaper run that week.

    It was nice to sit on many different bikes. It was funny seeing the same sales rep (that I normally see in their own stores) wearing a particular brand clothing and vouching for them.

    At least, it gives me a good idea what to upgrade to.

    Next time I'll know to flash my Netrider card to get a discount. At least I got a new to replace my old one.

    I can't comment on the layout, if I knew how to improve it, I would make a suggestion now. Something about the layout just didn't feel right but I can't say what.

    Yet, I really enjoy the show.
  19. I really enjoyed it, but would agree with a lot of people on wanting to see more gear. Clothing, accessories, freebies and promotions etc. I was especially surprised that more of the really big name clothing manufacturers weren't represented in a big way.

    Overall though it was cool. :cool: