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What did you think of the MELB Motorbike Expo?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by barts, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, went to the expo yesterday with my girlfriend really excited about seeing the expo and I don't want to upset anyone here, but I was a little disappointed?

    Don't get me wrong, I loved looking around at the new bikes from all the different manufacturers but it kind of lacked something? Just stuff like we were at one stall looking at a bike and only a few feet away were two reps talking amongst themselves and not bothering to turn to ask if we needed any help - it could be I was looking groucy, as I tend to scoure unintentionally.

    I guess I'm comparing it a bit with the home expo, I know it's like chalk and chesse, but I found that everyone there wanted to speak to you and it was really easy to get info on bits and pieces - but I didn't feel comfortable asking for service to find stuff out, rather than being asked in the first place.

    I also didn't get to see the demo's of the motorcross guys either, which might have been cool. Just putting it out there to see what others thought?


    P.S. some of the custom bikes were absolute works of art, but I would have liked to see them tackle going over a speed hump!
  2. i found it lacklustre... staff for the japanese brands in particular seemed bored and coun't be bothred. other bands not so much.

    BMW was the best personal contact i had. Even the promo girls on the stand actually knew answers to common questions. Only when you got technical did they need to go and get someone else.

    overall i though it was smaller than last year and not up to the same standard.
  3. Thid was the first show I have seen in Aus. I must day it was very backwater in nature.

    To me an expo is all about manufacturers showing off not only there new up coming models. But also the concept bikes and equipment that can be tested by the riding community.

    There was hardly any to none of this.

    I did how ever think that the BMW guys did a very good job.

    It looked more like a show for local service providers of blinging, with a few new bikes thrown in for good measure.
  4. I won't bother next year! :evil:
  5. As others have said in some of the other threads about the expo:

    - Not enough gear - I'd hoped to look at and perhaps purchase some new protective gear but there was sweet FA to see
    - The riding display was extremely poorly set up. It was at one end of the building and unless you managed to get there early, you could see jack sh!t - I saw people standing on top of the 4 wheelers at the yamaha stand trying to get a view! Perhaps centrally placed would have been better, or perhaps some tiered elevated seating/standing room next to it might have improved it
    - Mostly current model bikes and disinterested sales staff. You could go sit on a bike and start rolling it about and they still wouldn't come near you.

    Having said that, I did enjoy getting to wander around and see a whole lot of bikes in the one location, not crammed into a dealership, and think about how many I'd buy when my tattslotto ticket comes good one day...:LOL:
  6. I know how u feel dont think i will be either. Seen enough custom Choppas and Massage Places.
  7. The suzuki promo girls had no idea what bike they were sitting on which did my head in! The 2008 suzuki and honda bikes are a disgrace in my opinion they look like crap! The sales staff were terrible with alot of companies I must say and there was very little freebies! lol

    I got to sit on pretty much every bike including the MV's and the Ducati 1098s :p

    Not many girls, some nice bling, not into motocross and not much on the MOTOGP however I did shake hands and get Chris Vermeulen's signature.

    Overall I'd rate it a 7/10. (Im being generous)
  8. Personally, I like to be able to look at whatever and not be hassled by sales staff. and when I did have some questions, I found the suzuki staff to be pretty helpful, as I did with a honda staff member (I wasn't aware that the hornet 900 was running out at the end of the year.)

    Personally, I'd rather be left to explore on my own, however, and then if I have something to ask, I'll _find_ the sales staff, most seemed approachable as well.

    Realistically, can you expect the (obviously) agency models to be able to answer your questions? There were a few women on the stands that could answer questions, but they weren't the ones clad in the skin tight lycra.

    And at about 10 to nine on friday, try as I might, I couldn't find the netrider stand.
  9. Netrider stand was near the entrance.

    I was a little disappointed, i mean you would have seen pretty much the same stuff if you walked around the car park. The only bike i sat on was a f800st and i was wondering how the indicators worked. There was a MASSIVE yamaha section, however after 10 mins i found 1 or 2 R1's and i think an R6. I guess it would have been more beneficial for me if i had 18g's and was really researching bikes to buy.

    Did get some free stuff, signed up for the pink ribbon ride and entered a competition for the cbr1000rr, the lady said that it will come registered and i said that i will have to renew the rego before i can ride it.

    i will give it a 5/10, doubt ill go back
  10. Couldn't have said it better.
  11. I will be skipping next year as well. The only thing this show did for me was make me want a Super Duke (more). Luckily they are safely priced out of my league. Usually the girls are worth going for alone, not this year. It was interesting to have a look at the M1, ronin and I were pretty sure it was the real deal (mmmm carbon fiber). Next time I go I will be bringing my own food.

    So I say to manufacturers, we want to see stuff you can't find in shops. We want to be wow'd.... make us want to buy from you.

    Of the 'Big 4' manufacturers Suzuki and Yamaha get one thumb up for not making their bikes uglier than the last models. In particular the FZ1 was nice in white and red, as well as the R6. I may be a little bias towards the SVs', but shaawing at the 650s in blue and of course the 1000s in black with black trim and extra black bits.

    Two thumbs down to Kawasaki and Honda. Firstly Kawasaki have taken the hot Z1000 and made it fugly... Naughty Kawasaki, Naughty! The Versys was on display, yes it's ugly, yes its like the Wee Strom, and yes it's more expensive. I wonder if they'll sell? Honda would have been better off handing out sleeping bags and pillows instead of pamphlets. Infact just thinking about their range makes me sleepy.

    There were lots of miscellaneous stalls in the mid section, with Netrider and HitAir having a presence. I mention HitAir because I think they were one of the few apparel stalls, that and I think they were one of the better exhibitors at the show, with a rather unique product. Yes, it's not new, but good on them for trying to make better quality safety equipment.

    Triumph had a good display with the usual suspects. As one would expect the petite and sexy 675 was there. As well as the good looking new Speed Triple in a very tasty cream. I have room for one in my garage, but my bank balance isn't obliging.

    Buell had the 1125R on display, I really wanted to like it, I did. But at three meters wide and one meter long I can't help but wonder if they have the proportions the wrong way around. Buell, if you can make it look a little more like the Firebolt I think you'd sell more. Either way I'd still love to ride one.

    HD had a stand there, it took ages to walk around. As in it took ages to walk around the outside of it on my way to other manufacturers, squinting all the way as the lights reflected harshly off of all that chrome.

    At this point in time I would just like to say that all the people at KTM are very good looking, intelligent and generally wonderful. And if any of them needed somebody 'taken care of' all it would cost them is a Super Duke, preferably in R spec. This bike is everything I need of a second bike. It's incredibly good looking, completely impractical, scares small children (good for when doubling the speed limit through a school zone whilst on one wheel) and makes old people crap themselves. Not that I have ridden one. So KTM tell me what I need to say to get me a Super Duke, please I'm begging.

    The Shiver was missing from the Aprilia / Moto Guzzi stand, which seems odd considering that they are not far away from being available to the public. The Tuono was on display, but not the best looking example of one I have seen around (of which there are a few around the NR ranks now, I guess they must be good).

    I hope I just saved somebody $14.
  12. I was most disappointed that hte Shiver was not there. I was hoping to see one in the flesh.

    I liked the Tuono and the one they had on display looked like a police bike with its colour combinations. They did mention that they have sold one to the police as an unmarked bike.
  13. Realistically, this is a small and unimportant show in a small and unimportant market, so I wouldn't expect too much in the way of breaking news and upcoming models.

    Did they at least have Kawasaki Versys, did anyone notice?
    EDIT: Oops, port80 covered this one... How about Chinese manufacturers then, for example the famous Sachs 150cc?

    What about local riding gear manufacturers, did they have a decent presence?
  14. Sounds like some people turned up with some ridiculous expectations of the expo... agency models should be able to answer questions about the latest sportsbikes? Get a grip!
  15. I really liked how Kawasaki and Yamaha had all their bikes on the floor with only their side stands down allowing to get a feel of ride height and position. I really wanted to sit on a CBR600RR and GSX-R600 but they were on podium stands. Also you could sit on every Triumph except for the 675 Daytona the only one I really wanted to have a sit on. I'm sure Honda and Suzuki were worried about people dropping their bikes and thus had them on a podium or on a tall race stand that held the back wheel well off the ground, making it hard to get an idea of what the bike felt like while sitting on it.

    I thought the Harley Davidson and Buell stand was fantastic with its layout and presentation.

    Went to the Zongshen stand and sat on their new 250 and showed some interest in it and they tried to sell it to me at an expo low price of $3,990 plus on road which is $500 lower than retail.
  16. Sachs were there and I think they had the 150... to be honest I skipped over them because nothing caught my attention.

    Local riding gear manufacturers were far between, I saw Starrider there with some kit as well as Hit Air, not much else.
  17. cb250 - they did have the versys there - I was unimpressed by it.

    barts - I was looking at the Z1000 (yes, the orange one looks fugly but wait till you see it in black - :cool: ) and I had a Kawasaki dude standing a few feet away. He left me to look at the bike and then was quite friendly and helpful when I approached him to ask questions about it. They are there to help you - you can see them standing nearby and surely if you'd gone up and asked for help they'd have gladly given it. Sorry - am just over hearing people's complaints about 'poor service' 'being ignored by salesmen' etc. It's quite easy really - all you have to do is speak. ;)

    Triumph - Loved the T100 in green. God I love Triumph.

    It was great to see so many there today. Thanks to Caz and Co ;) :)

    Filming at the TAC/Spokes stand was interesting and a Goddamn catastrophe/embarrassment. :oops: :LOL:

    I wasn't expecting much from the expo. Just happy to go for a look see. Walked away from there with a couple of books and two free tix to the GP so I'm happy. :grin:
  18. In agreement with everyone else who has posted, I found the expo to be quite a let down.

    There were a few nice stands- but the majority seemed to be custom chopper/paint stands?

    There were more souvenir stands (little bike models etc.) than there were bike gear stands, which was a let down. (even if I have no money left I can still look!! :p)

    The trials guys and moto-x guys were spectacular, they were probably my favourite part of the entire show really.

    Picked up a few free posters, some free back issues of motorcycle magazine and some stickers.

    The HART simulator was fun - although you couldn't pop wheelies on it, and if you shifted without the clutch and without even slacking the throttle a bit it didn't even blink an eye, also stoppies were impossible - but it was still fun :p


    Will probably go back next year in the hope that they improve.
  19. Were any of the upcoming 690s present? The Duke 690?
  20. All I wanted to do was sit on a 675..... and Triumph had the only one on the stand up on a display..... so I couldn't sit on it....... mongrels! :evil: