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What did you learn today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Assuming that the saying "You learn something new everyday" is true, what did you learn today?

  2. Myself, amongst a few useful yet uninteresting things there was a semi-useless yet interesting lesson for today.....when ripping wads of paper into pieces, it is easier to start ripping them along the straight edge rather than the already ripped edge. :-k
  3. on the subject of paper....

    Did you know that paper can only be folded 9 times, no matter what size the paper is?

  4. Today I came to the conclusion that I was unbalanced!

    I know too much about some things and not enough about others
  5. i learned that you can slice you hand on a computer case and bleed all over the insides before noticing that your bleeding because of the wet feeling that isn't quite right :? stupid frigging old HPs :evil:
  6. i learnt that signing up to have a roof gutter salesman visit me on the weekend (giving my supervisor's address) is immensely satisfying yet does not really solve anything... *snigger*

  7. excellent

  8. I learned that an unexpectedly high proportion of people find it very strange if you eat raw mushrooms straight out of the bag.
  9. i learnt last night that after an off, always re-adjust your headlight because being able to see the road is more important than the tree branches.
  10. I learned that if you've already eaten and someone doesn't show up for their yard dudy, you end up doing it.

    I also learned that ADHD kids should defininately not have hashbrowns for breakfast.
  11. I learned that it was better to use the Force when attempting a tricky sent of bends.
  12. I learnt that this Serbian guy wants to open a kebab shop and his spent over 10k on a VK and he hates VL's
  13. sure about that ? I thought it was 8 times as a maximum - hrmmmm
  14. Yep, definately 8.
  15. Then we should fear Iffracem and his awesome power of getting one more fold.
  16. what I learnt today was that Australia have to play Uraguay in the Soccer World Cup qualification rounds, and that it's going to be a hard game for us.....
  17. I learned to be VERY CAREFUL crossing the Westgate Bridge in a high wind,
    I learned that if a car is on fire at an intersection, it's best to choose the lane furtherest away from it so you are not in the line of fire when the front tyre exlodes
    And I learned that despite is fearsome size, and the reputation of some Victorian motorists, it is possible to get around Melbourbe without having to stop and consult a map at every intersection, or fear for your life.
  18. i learnt that i should be more patient i rang a guy bout a bike for sale 3 times in the past half hour still he doesnt pick up :x

  19. I learnt today that you can only fold paper 8 times ......

  20. Well you should of called me about mine, I would have answered straight away :D