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What did you do today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Stretch, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Cant help myself, i just have to share my good mood, we've just arrive home from a social club ride through the flinders ranges. It was a little breezy but the ride had it all, steep well cambered corners, some fast straights (and no speed gun's!) great scenery and good company. four and a half hours of riding, a good pub lunch, is there a better way to spend a day???.
    Well, the warm and fuzzy feeling is in full gear so i'd better take advantage of it and go clean the bike! :grin:

  2. Went down to Stanwell tops near Sydney and hit the double ton down an empty straight, lots of twistys and all...good fun!
  3. Rode to work in the traffic :(

    Bast$%&d show offs! :evil:
  4. +1

    Wish I was out enjoying my bike instead of commuting 70km's a day on the Monash Carpark... it's going to be even worse for the month of July with the crackdown :evil:
  5. There there...weekends only 5 days away :LOL: :p
  6. Ah well at least I'm riding and not stuck in a car, don't know how people can do it on the Monash.
  7. Comon man, you know there is no such thing as "traffic" when on a bike ;)
  8. Took the postie for a spin to see how much fuel i chewed over 100km lol 3.3l with a bit of hard use i wonder whether i can go 100kms without giving it some to see how low i can get that figure
  9. 3.3litres got you 100kms?
  10. Unpacked and labelled 215 jerseys, 100 pairs of gloves, got abused by a dumb old B*stard cos somehow my esp failed to tell me what tyre he needed when he asked for a price, answered 50 how much for a chain and sprockets calls, also answered a few calls asking how much a helmet is when you know they're just going to ring the next shop and ask the same question, more calls asking about stuff when it's impossible to describe the differences in 60 pairs of gloves cos they're just too lazy to make the effort to come in.

    But my favorite call is:
    C: how much is a tyre for my bike?
    me:what size is it?
    c:Dunno don't you know (then they usually tell me what bike is)
    me:No, i have to look it up

    The best one of that was the guy that wanted the tyres that his harley came out with and thought I'd know what the OEM tyres were

    Sorry to rant but that's my day today and every day :( retail sucks :(
  11. I managed to slip off the forklift at work and bang my knee leaving a lovely bruise / cut on my knee cap :(

    Then i limped around for the rest of the day stressing cause my boss wasnt in so i had to do all his shit and i ended up working from 8-6 rode home with my leg dangiling down on the ground cause it hurt too much to keep it bent on the foot peg.

    Since i worked late the roads were quiet so i tried to do a few wheelies but they all sucked. :cry:
  12. I woke up at 3:00 stuffed around on the internet while watching tv for a while, ate a bag of gummy bears and an old easter egg for breakfast and then had a nap until now when i'm back on the net and tv and having dinner :woot:

    Being a uni student rules :LOL:
  13. dropped little miss of at school,
    finally took my car in today to get rear end fixed after old biddy bumped it 3 months ago in melbourne, racv paying for respray :grin: driving old toyota seca loan from repair shop :?
    rang guy in denni bout buying his bike YIPEE!! come down in price so hoping to go see it next week... :grin:
    picked up little one and came home, i love a day off...
  14. Go the uni holidays!

    Sounds like my day, watched the soccer at 4am, slept till 2pm, then took my bike for a ride.

    First time I've ridden the bike since accident- haven't ridden for 3 months. It's like getting on it again for the first time.

    Scary as hell. The front end feels much lighter and more flighty than I remember. Isn't giving me confident feedback. Turn's into corners superquick, but doesn't feel like it'll stay there.

    Can't wait to get the bike registered again, so I can ride it further than the local shops...

    I really want some gummy bears right now =P~
  15. Yep, I defiantly had the best day of this lot!
  16. Bought Myself a Bike :grin:

  17. good work man :D
  18. The double ton? that'd be 200mph or 320kmh. Not bad for a 650 :p

    I know what you meant though- 200kmh which is very impressive for a 70hp bike.
    If the ton was only 100kmh it would be a bit easy though. I just don't think a 150cc Vespa would be welcomed by the Ton-up boys.
  19. Got an idea in my head that I wanted to ride a bike..

    Went down to the licensing center and got my Learners Permit :)

    First Post ;)
  20. welcome aboard.