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What did you do today

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Rus Ler, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Attended a cowboy shoot in Wangaratta
    2nd in 49er's (age based) category
    1st long range pistol - 14/15
    Equal 1st .22 rimfire rifle - 15/15
    2nd long range pistol calibre rifle - 14/15
    3rd cowboy clays 8/10
    3rd speed shotgun - 6 knockdown targets in 5.8 seconds with a side x side shotgun
    All up a productive weekend

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  2. SHOT!!!!!
  3. Well hello there pilgrim....
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  4. Nothing as exciting but at least I got to talk to someone about a V18 diesel engine... :)
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  5. What's yer nom de guerre? (Or do you partake in a version of CAS that doesn't do all of the costumery and alter-egos?)
  6. Ha! I get dressed up to the nines, my "trademark or brand" is a vest with flames on it, I have 3 for various occasions, when I started competing 14 years ago, everyone wore blacks, greys or brown, I then burst onto the scene in striped trousers (looked like I was attacked by a caravan annexe, bright orange shirt and flame vest - now quite a few are becoming colourful. My alias is also my screen name - Rus Ler
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  7. Got up at 4.30am, picked up 4 other work mates, drove the 1hr trip to the airport, flew to Canberra from Melbourne, went to office here. Pretty tiring day so far really, cant wait to go to the Hotel room and sleep. Meetings all tomorrow then fly back to Melbourne tomorrow night. Wish I had my bike here, Canberra seems windy lol
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  8. 8 hours of pushing drugs to helpless people.
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  9. Wanted to get up early (on my day off mind you) to watch the gp, only managed the last 11 laps that wasn't all that exciting...should have stayed in bed! Had a few coffees, then went for a ride to the bike shop and petrol station and a little blat locally. Home and did zilch. Was going to weed the garden but the green waste bin was full from the other day....damn :p so weeding was put on hold. Now am enjoying a few coldies and "trolling" netrider.....
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  10. For those of you wondering "What the hell is a Cowboy Shoot" this is from the Vic State Titles held in Bendigo in March. I'm the range officer in the striped shirt and rolled up sleeves and black hat standing behind the shooter in a couple of the shots, We use single action revolvers(hammer has to be manually cocked with your thumb before each shot) lever action rifles and side x side shotguns all of which were designed before 1899.
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  11. In keeping with tomorrow, ANZAC bikkies straight out of the oven
    Told you I was a keeper :hungry::hungry:(y)(y)
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  12. How did I not know this was a thing!

    Oh.. and are those lever action rifles modded at all? Because the 30-30s I've used wouldn't go anything near to cycling that quick without jamming?
  13. Most of them are "race guns" lighter springs and short stroke kits - lever throw is about 30 % less than factory, pistol calibre rifles - mainly .38 special, some 44/40,44 mag and 45 colt, loads are around 70% of factory loads ~ 800 fps, levers cycle with a flick of your fingers. Pistols and rifles are generally in the same calibre, rifle calibres i.e. 33/30, 45/70 are only used for long range.
    Footage was filmed at Bendigo in March. Fastest time for 10 rifle shots on 5 different targets - 2.6 seconds by the overall winner Cool Hand Luke - we shoot under an alias not unlike a screen name
    Can get you a contact no. if you would like to try - just be careful, its addictive
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  14. Had a rare day to myself as mum went to stay with my sister (I'm her carer). So I did....

    Several loads of washing, did the dishes, changed the sheets, washed the car (forgot the wheels, dammit!), washed one of the bikes (felt like shit so didn't do the chain), thought about cooking something in the pressure cooker but didn't, had one all mother of a sweating, dizzy spell, and went to bed at 8.30....

    Fun day....not.

    The joys of being perpetually single....
  15. Had my son's march out parade at Kapooka, great to have the family together again
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  16. He's a handsome lad, Rus LerRus Ler
    You must be very proud of your son.
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  17. Yes, very proud of him, loved every minute of basics, had done a lot of shooting, camping, etc. previously so was right at home, off to Singleton on Monday, maybe an excuse to do Putty Rd again (y)(y)
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  18. Today i went for my first big ride, i went through winding roads and even managed the highway. It was the best feeling... i felt free... im addicted
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