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What did you do for work yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ibast, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Late Wednesday afternoon I got a call from a client with a particular problem and he was after someone with specific expertise. Being in charge at the moment I immediately thought "delegate". At which point I realised I was the only one with that particular expertise. Damn!

    So I went into the office yesterday with the intent of picking up a work ute and driving over the mountains. It turned out that was logistically quite difficult. At which point I though, "just take the bike".

    So I did.

    So my day yesterday consisted of riding the Bells Line of Road over the mountains, sticking my head inside a 100MW carbie, playing with a borascope saying "I reckon it's xys", getting back on the bike and riding the BLoR home.

    Not bad for a days work
  2. I did some scooter billboard advertising. A hilarious day :)
  3. I was on the net, went for a walk on the beach, made a huge cold meat and salad and fresh bread rolls lunch, had a big WAKE THE HELL UP breakfast with sausages, eggs, tomatoes, bacon and toast... had cheese and biscuits and drinks on my verandah with some friends, then ordered pizza and watched the amazing race and beauty and the geek.

    My job rocks :D

    EDIT: would have gone for a ride, but raining on and off yesterday, so going for a ride today
  4. Stop it. We don't want to hear about it.
    I was stuck in my office without a view.
  5. I fixed the Internet.

    I at least have a view down pitt st.
  6. i didn't know it was broken!

  7. It's certainly bent
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  9. If it makes you feel better I now have to do three days worth of work in one, rather than two.
  10. I got to deliver a box of parts needed for a job we are doing, just HAD to take the bike, meant an hour and a half of riding :), and now thisafternoon I need to go to the bank, will just have to take the bike again, its a hard job but someone has to do it.
  11. Well, as far as a large chunk of australian internet users were concerned it was.

    Yes, I'm one of the Elders of the Internet. My secret is out. No, I won't loan you the Internet. Last time we did that, some idiot dropped it and caused the London Stock Exchange to crash.
  12. Where's the breakfast invite...? 8-[
  13. you can come over tomorrow, at my place. it's only 16 hours away... maybe 25 with stops :)
  14. Work? Hmmmmmmmm.
    Oh yes, I remember that, vaguely, as it has been just short of 12 months since I've been able to.

    When I was there I rode a CT110 paid for, registered to, serviced by and filled with petrol paid for by someone else over the beautifully manicured lawns of Sydney's Upper North Shore and the 12 months before that I did the same thing in the (nicer) western suburbs of Melbourne.
  15. Is this your normal job? Which company did you do this for, how much do they pay? Just sounds like a fun job.
  16. Your avatar is on the wall on Noosa depot. Sensational.
  17. Thursday was great.
    One of my riders did not turn up so I had to deliver the mail. Got down to Coolum and it was 28 and sunny at 8.30am. I looked at the sky and thought nah. I will go hard and be done in three hours. A 1/2 hour into it the sky blackened and opened up. The wind was about 35 knots. I was in shorts and a postie shirt. It was pissing down. Like really really hard. I have a few old fossils who live up very steep drives so I take the mail up to them. I would rather that then them have a fall coming down to get the mail. She was at the door so I put it on its center stand and took it to her door. Just as I handed it to her I heard the crash. I really did not want to look around. but had to lol.The bike on its side and the mail getting soaked and floating down the drive.
    I figured the bike would be flooded so I thought bugger it. i did not try to kick it over but jumped on and clutched it. The bloody throttle was stuck on WOT.
    Eeeeeeeek. I hit the kill and managed to stop. I got out my 10mm spanner and took off the cowl and pulled the top of the carby off and checked the slide. All good. mm did it back up and kicked it over, waaaaaaaaaaaaah WOT again, Bugger. By now I am soaked to the skin. The mail is soaked. And I am thinking I am going to start getting cranky soon.
    Anywho I kicked it over and jammed it into gear and took off. clicked up a few cogs and it was fine. i just used the kill switch when I need to slow or stop. Heading back to the shed where i keep my bikes I just let it go and got up to about 70. Next thing I see an RBT and radar set up down the road. So I am trying to jam the rear brake, which was fine but of course all the cars had slowed to like 30 to go by them. so now I am playing with the kill switch. Waaaaah, buuuuuuuuuur waaaaaaaaaah buuuuuur ha ha ha funny as. I put on a big smile as I passed. He just shook his head at me.
    Don't know why but even the police like posties.
  18. Read a book (Daughter of the Empire, great story!), spent an hour at the physio, went back to reading the book. Spent maybe ~30 minutes whining about how long wrist extension takes to return after surgery. (RARGH, 6+ months just to be able to accellerate again? :c)
  19. Did a shoot with a model,
  20. I think it's done the rounds of every DC in the same way the pics of the Qld postie up to the front carrier in a sink hole have lol

    In my time in Melbourne I had a fairly uneventful time (the initial incident not with standing) but coming to NSW caught me out as up here they don't have the horizontal crash bar like Vic so I managed to average a broken brake lever each month for the first three. In my defense it was the round that I was on, it was considered the worst round in Sydney until they re-cast it... and made it WORSE!
    It will be interesting getting back to work, the way things are looking I'll need to be retrained like a rookie as it will be 12 months on Friday and there's still no reasonable RTW date in sight.