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What did you acheive today & What's for Sunday Lunch/Din

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Another cold grey day in Melbourne. One of those Sunday's where you just wanna veg out warm & cosy indoors. Still no excuse for not acheiving something. What I accheived today was:
    1- Went out & bought batteries for our door chime
    2- Decided to buy an Ipod shuffle to use whilst riding.

    Also ..no better day for a warm hearty meal.
    So what are you guys having for Lunch/Dinner today?

    We're about to put a nice beef roast in the oven with the usual roast vegies and greens. Even found the breadmaker instrution booklet ( which was missing for months), so I'm making pumkin bread to go with dinner. :p

  2. Today I finished making my new block out drapes for the lounge.
    Then I waited for my drill to recharge and installed the new tracks.
    Can't figure out how to get the draw string to work properly, só I'll leave it for today ( I'm all curtained out) and figure it out another day.

    I have a large pot of lamb shank and vegie soup in the crockpot, and after reading your post, I've dug out the bread maker, not sure if I'll use it yet though :LOL:
  3. I went and cut a bit of fire wood with my old man down the bush.
    We got a couple of ute loads of some sweet red gum.
    For lunch it was a couple of home made pies with real meat.
    After all that a bit of time playing lego indi on the xbox and some time here on netrider.
  4. Re: What did you acheive today & What's for Sunday Lunch

    :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: ARG!!! ROGUE APOSTROPHES THAT SHOULD NOT BE THERE!!!!

    Lol. Now I've gotten that out.

    I've achieved nearly nothing today. I knew Melbourne was cold and wet, but constantly? Although I have dug out the location of an indoor sports centre that I'm going to check out, possibly this afternoon/evening to see if anything happens on weekends.
  5. Got the seized in place piston rings out of the piston of the little Seagull outboard I'm rebuilding at the moment. Given a bit of a clean, they'll not need replacement. Painted up the cylinder barrel. Just about to head off back to the shed to see what can be done with the somewhat corroded Villiers carb. The engine unit is almost ready to go back together. If I can sort out a viable carburettor, there only remains the horror of the Villiers flywheel magneto to deal with :eek:hno: .

    Tea's going to be pasta with stuff like olives and sliced sausage in it. Lunch hasn't happened yet, but I might see about a sandwich before heading shedwards.
  6. A damn good pommy engine that one. Never had much to do with repairing em tho, I tend to shy away from outboards
  7. Slept in
    Surfed NR
    Toast & cheese brunch
    Went out for a 10km treadly sprint during a break in the weather (came back a broken man! Clearly my fitness is not up to it yet.)
    Sorted out some papers
    Learned some songs for a soul band I'm joining
    Made a crap Laksa
    Dropped in here for another surf...
    About to get back to musicing...

    Exciting life eh?

    Goodluck with those curtains Caz
  8. City2Surf! Ran the whole thing too. It was a great day, until I finished ,got cold and then rained on! Oh well, at least i did something constructive for once hahah.
  9. What instrument do you play Rob?
  10. The keyboards... and bass and saxophone quite badly...
  11. Slept in
    Mum had a work bbq so i went to that
    Took home a slab of various beer (left over)
    To the golf club for dinner :)
  12. about 21 deg today and absolutely beautiful up here

    So i cleaned the shower
    did some washing
    watched tellie
    did some more housework
    put the rubbish out in the bin
    Stuffed around on the net
  13. Church, washed the car, unpacked a few boxes in the garage (hey, we haven't lived here for *quite* a year yet!), helped wifey mow the lawn, did her tax return (small refund, yay, better than the largish bill I at first thought she'd have) and thought about the job seminar I have to give later this week. Took the dogs for a walk by the river, and had pizza for dinner.
  14. Cleaned the house after the night before....

    Adjusted the clutch on the bike (I had to test ride it of course..)
    Replaced a faulty alarm on the bike (Ignitor alarms bought through Netrider)
    Finally cleaned the bike :)

    Family over for lunch (12 people in all) - three different casseroles: Lamb, Chicken and spicey sausage (my favourite) with trifle for dessert ( Mrs frodg can sure cook a great meal)

    Cleaned up after they left..
    Watched "The Golden Compass" -so so...
    Watched "Dr Who"

    Drank some lovely red wine with my son and a couple of his mates

    collapsed into bed

    I think it was a successful day all round.
  15. Work, clean room + scoot, overseas call to girlfriend, talk, talk, cook, clean
    Work, work, work...
    Count money, do tax return, work, play CS, play CS
  16. fascinating idea for a thread :)

    Porridge for breaky
    Coffee with my wife and daughter
    Drove through the snow (no, really) to Goulburn to preach for a little church there
    Drove home (no snow)
    Neither my wife nor myself could be bothered cooking dinner, so we :)oops:) went to Maccas
  17. Paul - I haven't had porridge for brekky in ages...totally forgot it existed. Best brekky ever, especially on a cold Wintry morning - might have a bowl before I head off tomorrow. :)
  18. Uncle Toby's Quick Oats. 1 cup of oats, quarter of a teaspoon of salt, a handful of sultanas and 700ml of milk. Cook in the microwave for three minutes, stir, cook another three minutes. Serve with milk and brown sugar. Gets me through the morning.
  19. I've got the home brand quick cooking oats and they cook up really well. Used to serve it up for the girls in the morning - 1 cup of oats to 3 cups of water, cook and stir till good consistency and serve with milk and white sugar. Yummy... :)
  20. My Sunday.........

    We (me, my partner and my daughters) did something I've been wanting to do for years and years and years. We spent Saturday night in Margaret River (WA) and on Sunday morning drove down to Augusta (most Sth West point of the country - intersection of Southern and Indian Oceans) and...... saw heaps of Southern Right whales including an albino calf. Exhilarating!!! Then drove back to Margaret River for lunch and back to Perth. Dinner was just sausages and vegies but that didn't matter - it could have been a plate of sawdust and I still would have had the best day ever! I saw whales!!!!!!