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what did the 08 gsxr750 come with

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by clampy750, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. i have bort a 08 gsxr 750 do these come with the red key as i did not get one. ive been told i can go to the dealers with the black key to get another black key made up. he said as long as you can turn the computer on you can take keys and ad keys. does any one know if this is true.
    i got it for $11000 ride away it hade 14000 kays on the clock and i had to spend $1300 to fix the road rash

    ripped or not

  2. private sale or through a dealership?
  3. dealer
    same shop ive been bying bike from for 10 years they have never done wrong and said thay will take it back. but i like it to much it has all the good stuff on it.
    honda free style frankston
  4. maybe just ask for one nicely? say you thought it would come with the second key and it hasn't can they please provide one...?? explain your time there etc etc...

    I had a friend buy a gixxa600 second hand (through a dealer) and she didn't get the second key but they let her know that first.

    Good luck.
  5. he gave me a old one and a new one and said dont lose the new one or ill need a new computer. what i want to no do you need the red one did it come with one
  6. Hey mate, i just got a 09 gixxer 750, it came with 2 black keys, and a tag with a number on it.
    The manual says take the tag with the number on it to a dealer to get new keys made.

    Hope this helps
  7. I'm not 100% on what you're asking - whats the difference between the red and black keys? My Aprilia has one key for the ignition, tank, and undertail compartment (or should do, needed new tank lock & therefore key...long story).

    So can you ride the bike and do everything you want with it? If so, just get a double of the key made and stash it in a safe place.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. thanks that's what i wanted to hear i didnt get the tag but if i take blank key with my key to a lock smith he can cut it and then the dealer can program it.
  9. It doesn't have any red keys like yamaha.
  10. Some motorcycle brands (Ducati for example) supply new bikes with the "magic" red key and 2 black keys, with the red key you can program as many black keys as you want, if you dont have the red key and lose all your black keys you are up for thousands new ecu/immobiliser etc.
  11. Just be aware that the newer suzuki's ecu will only allow 4 keys to be stored in it. Once you've lost all 4 then it's time for a new ecu. As stated above you get 2 keys and a tag when you buy new, you can then only add two more keys.
  12. "This motorcycle comes equipped with a pair of identical ignition keys. Keep the spare key in a safe place.

    The key number is stamped on a plate provided with the keys. This number is used when making replacement keys. Please write your key number in the box provided for future reference. If the all keys are lost, the ECM should be replaced."

    That is directly from the owners manual, even the poor english part "If the all keys".
    :p lol

    tim, i always thought the keys are programmed to the bike, not the bike programmed to the keys.
  13. That's worth knowing - ta.

    My K9 came with the 2 keys and tag and also (FWIW), the rear cowl that replaces the pillion seat. Didn't get charged for it so assumed it was as standard as the toolkit.

  14. Correct, seat and cowl..

    im hoping my insurance replacement comes with another seat (as i have the old one still) then i might modify one of them for a top box mount :bannanabutt:
  15. I'm in the middle of making a leather bag to sew in to a seat cover for my seat ill post it when done . i work for complete leather care in melbourne and if you want cheap leather seats send me a pm. i would not put leather on my every day ride as it wears quicker