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What did santa bring?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spottedninja, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Just putting up a thread where you can post what santa gave you.

    I got a new helmet, Kriega 30 litre tail pack and a Go Pro :D.

    How about you guys.

  2. I got some HELD Air Stream summer gloves. (Pretty Cool I reckon)
  3. GoPro HD 2 :D
  4. Have you had a play with it yet? Where do you find the best mounting spot. I like mounting it on the tank but there are a lot of vibrations.
  5. That is awesome. :D.
  6. Various bits and pieces but my favourites were 2 t-shirts form Mrs K - one says

    "I am not a motorcycle freak,
    I'm just a freak who owns a motorcycle"

    and the other has that old evolution diagram from monkey to man, but the last picture is a bloke on a sports bike.
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  7. A piece of paper, with an appointment date on it, which I guess I am supposed to turn up for....
  8. A new XBOX 360 with Kinect, a RC helicopter thingo, new pair of snazzy shorts and a couple of books. Just what I asked for in my letter to S.Claus.
  9. Hydro backpack with a 2L bladder.. Just what I needed :D
  10. A vented jacket, some cool gadgets from my sisters, about 20 pairs of undies and a cheese and meat hamper from my granny because nothing says merry christmas quiet like a jellied meat log and a wheel of chedder.
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  11. .... A new riding buddy!!.....:D

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  12. Dianese summer gloves, woot :D
  13. ducati monster 1100 evo in red.

    yeah baby.
  14. an amazon kindle,

    peter-reebok, you win
  15. same here... used it in the pool yesterday, today after yet more family stuff i might try and figure out where to mount it!
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    1 inch handlebar mounted clock from Clocks4bikes. Wasn't too surprised given I ordered it and passed it on to my wife heheheheh
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    Superbike School level 1 :)
  18. Indigestion... and motorcycle cleaning products.
  19. dyno jet kit for the DR
  20. motolegion jeans, HART training, pinlock visor and inserts. Yay me.