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What did mechanic forget?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by squigglezz, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. ok , got the bike home after service and blueslip. noticed oil on trailer,had a good look at the bike all clean except this.
    so what did he forget,what am i asking the new mechanic for? ya i know i have heaps to learn, booked in for maintance course next mth.Really didnt want to wait till tuesday to ride:( WP_20160610_006.


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    Hi there Squigglezz. I am not entirely sure, but a number of bikes seem to have a centre piece that looks a bit like a big grub screw, in the centre of the case there. I will go try and hunt up a comparison pic...


    Does the mechanic / workshop have an email address? email that picture to them and ask them what's missing. While you're at it, ask them who is responsible for replacement. I am pretty certain if it happened to me, my mechanic would replace the part and pay for it. If they didn't, they'd stop being my mechanic pretty damn quick.
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  3. tried to find owners manual online ,but all i seem to come up with for this model is service manual , thats no help if ya not a mechanic.
  4. What model is it?
  5. Bingo! Old Corollas is spot on the money.

    I thought it was a 250 Virago. LOL. Yes, the cover plug is missing. I don't entirely know, because I've not had anything to do with them, but I think if that came off or was left off, the mechanic is very clearly to blame.
  6. Your mechanic is a dick head, never go back there again mate
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  7. This might be a stupid question, but it looks like the bikes had a spill so I think it's fair to ask - was the plug there before the service?
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  8. Fair point but even if it wasn't you'd expect your mechanic to bloody point it out and get a replacement part, right?
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  9. 1994
  10. Exactly
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  11. It was when ,when I bought it i asked lotsa questions ,took heaps of video, n dragged 3 people who ride to look at it,
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