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What did I do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Greydog, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Puzzling event on the ride home today... I was riding SE down the Monash in the RH lane, going 100kph. There was a guy in a cage next to me (on left) and slightly behind. I was going to move over into one of the left lanes in order to exit at Eastlink, but I wasn't in a hurry b/c I had plenty of time. I wasn't holding anyone up behind me.

    Anyway, this guy keeps up with me, which is OK; he wasn't in my way. I was either going to go in front or behind, depending on how things went. The traffic in my lane slows down, so I pull up a bit and go behind him (not too close).

    This guy proceeds to give me what I gather to be a sarcastic round of applause. I have no idea why. I wasn't in his way; he wasn't looking to change lanes; he had no one in front of him.


  2. ??
    You were sitting the right lane. The law says you should keep left unless overtaking.
  3. And I was overtaking up until that point. It was only a couple of kms that we were at the same speed. And I was about to move over anyway (not that he knew that maybe).

    But I wasn't blocking anyone. If I had been, I would have moved, but I would have had to slow down to do it (or break the speed limit, but knowing him, he probably would have followed me to stop me moving).

    Geez, if that's it, you get shot down for anything. And I was miffed this morning b/c 4 trucks decided to spread themselves over the freeway blocking everyone.
  4. Pretty sure in vic it's more of a courtesy to do that, not the law... I may be wrong though. Also generally the RHL is for the faster traffic.

    @OP - He gave you a round of applause because he was another Muppet Cager, how dare you shift in behind him you bloody motorcycle hoon!
  5. Try telling that law to all the P platers out there, seems they own every lane at the speed limit.
    Ever noticed a P plater take on a roundabout, full speed and whats that law 'give way to the right'?? I have been freaked by a couple of young people in cars doind crazy stuff like that..

    Back to you Mandy :)
  6. Hahahaha.

    I think it actually IS a law, but in "congestion" (interpretation?) doesn't necessarily apply. Afternoon peak could probably be classified as "congested". Hey, I was staying out of the way.
  7. Yep, in this case you are mostly wrong. You must stay out of the right lane in speed zones above 80kph unless overtaking, turning right or if traffic is conjested.

    Not that anybody seems to worry about it. It's never enforced.
  8. Fail to keep left is the charge. Victorian cops dont enforce it so every retard sits at 80 in the right lane until someone tries to go past in the left, then they speed up to stop you getting in front of them. then they slow down again.
  9. The simple answer is that no such law exists. The law is actually that you must give way to vehicles that are already on the roundabout. It's essentially first in, best dressed.

    With any luck, most vehicles that are already on the roundabout will be coming from your right which is where the "rule of thumb" you mentioned comes from. However, if you're looking to the right and end up hitting the car to your left that has suddenly hit the brakes, then that'd be your fault because they were on before you.

    Cars blasting through roundabouts is not just a P plater thing, it's a Melbourne driver thing and probably spreads much wider than that. People do it because they're to stupid to realise that roundabouts are more efficient when people drive slowly through them. That way 3 and often more cars can safely use it at the same time rather than just 1 at a time. This of course is a discussion to be had in another thread though. :)
  10. just sounds to me like another joe blow with a god complex. they're everywhere. it's these same assblankets who block us from filtering past the 5km line of traffic crawling past a car crash to rubberneck, the same idiots who swerve at us as we try to overtake, forcing us to spend too much time on the painful-if-it-goes-wrong side of the road

    i think what you did wrong lies somewhere between caring what happened and posting it online. not having a dig at you here, but surely you've noticed more stupidity in car drivers than you previously noticed before dropping a few wheels off your own choice of transport??
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  11. Well yes, but I don't always jump to the conclusion that I'm right and they're wrong. Just thought it odd as I couldn't figure out his problem. I mean, when we filter and they do something stupid, we know we've peeved them off by getting ahead, but this was a mystery.

    Just wondering.
  12. I thought the rule was keep left, pass right unless the speed limit is under 80km/h. Pretty sure I found it somewhere.
  13. The law is clear in areas where the speed limit is above 80 like freeways and highways KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING, the signs are everywhere, but like others have said it is rarely ever enforced.
  14. It was actually one of the road rules concerning roundabouts prior to the changes that occurred circa 1999-2000.
    No real publicity was given to the changes in road rules, so many that got their licence before yr 2000 still consider it to be a rule (even though it isn't anymore).
  15. OP, it's Ed Gein time. Grab a shovel, get yourself down to a cemetery, and find a thicker skin. ;)
  16. Then you weren't overtaking
    And you should have been in the left lane.

    Courtesy aside... if you weren't planning on getting in front of him then moving into the left lane is a smarter move on your part since it's easier to keep an eye on a car that in front of you than beside you.
  17. I keep left unless overtaking if its a 2 lane freeway but if its more than 2 lanes, I keep more on the right hand side since I'm driving at the speed limit (more like a little over with my lead foot). Don't know how he managed to clap and drive at the same time.. Steering with the knees perhaps?
  18. If you need to ask this question then you really don't know much about driving.
    I can remove my hands from the steering wheel and the car will track true for quite a distance. the sign of good wheel alignment and wheel balance, can even do it on the bike but obviously not the same distance due to it slowing down.
  19. If you're not actively passing someone, don't be in the rightmost goddamned lane.
  20. What I hate is when drivers are not concentrating while they are in the middle of a 3 lane freeway doing 80km/hr. You merge into the right lane to overtake them and they decide to be an arse and accelerate faster than you, so you move back behind them for them to slow down again. This is both in a bike or a car, retards I say.

    One of my friends has been pulled over for being in the right hand lane on the Western Ring Rd (Altona bound) just as you go over the Boundary Rd bridge. For those who don't know, the Ring Rd pretty much ends after Boundary Rd as an interchange to Princes Hwy and Westgate Fwy. The Ring Rd is a 3 lane freeway, with middle lane allowing you to go to either Westgate or Princes, left lane to Westgate and right lane to Princes. He got fined for staying in the right...even though he was going to turn onto Princes Hwy. Police didn't want to hear it and said that he should have been in the middle lane...mind you this is at 2AM with no other cars, besides himself and the copper coming out of McDonalds/Mobile servo. So they do enforce it, just when it isn't needed, they must've been bored too or McDonalds didn't feed them.

    As smee said, a car with proper wheel alignment and balanced wheels, can drive in a straight line without having your hands on the wheel...if you have issues, time to get the wheels checked.