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What dictates your speed on the road??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FluffyDonkey, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Always do the posted limit.

  2. Never look at the speedo, i just feel it.

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  3. The weather and road conditions.

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  1. What is it that determines your speed on the road?? the posted signs, what you feel is appropriate or what the traffic is doing etc..

    Just tryin to get a feel for what everyone else does.
  2. Probably weather and road conditions are the predominant factor for me, I keep any eye on posted limits but more so in built up areas.

    What the other traffic is doing is definately a factor but weather and road conditions is probably #1.

    Oh yeah...that and the fact that I ride a 2fiddy :p
  3. What ever is fun but at the same time being responsible and not being a tard. I wont do it in the wrong places such as centre road in peak hour but more so up in the hills when theres bugger all traffic.
  4. Conditions: traffic, road quality, weather... police...
  5. I guess first point of reference has to be the speed limit. If it's a 60 road, I'll do around 60, then adjust my speed depending on traffic, road condition, the way I'm feeling (am I pissed off?, just cruising?, in a hurry?, ready to road rage someone??). Generally speaking I'll go as fast as I feel safe going on that particular road at that particular time - usually this means about 10-15 over I guess, but if I'm headed up a 50 road that I know like the back of my hand at 3 in the morning, then I'll prolly double speed limit...

    That being said, if I'm on an unfamiliar road, or the traffic is being particularly erratic or something, then I have no problems at all going under the posted speed limit. In fact, sometimes when I'm just cruising around and there's bugger all traffic I won't make it over 40, just cause I'm in no hurry, I'm not holding anyone up and feel like smelling the roses...

    ramble, ramble, ramble. I like stories...
  6. AS ABOVE, Road conditions, Weather (wind, rain, blistering heat), Bike condition, Traffic, Cops, Pillion passenger and there knowledge, Bike weight (luggage, paniers).
    :cool: :music: And what song is playing...
  7. Depending on the conditions, I'll ride around about the speed limit give or take 10-15kms. If i know theres cops about -speed limit -but on twisties you can afford to go faster than the posted sign.
  8. The likelihood of police being around.

    (after road conditions + skill + traffic + weather + familiarity with road)
  9. just feel it, what ever seems appropriate at the time, generally between 5 and 10 k's quicker then the cars, filter to the front at the lights, out on the open road ride to conditions, and how i am feeling won;t say how fast then
  10. atfer having to make a couple of donations to the OSDR recently, im pretty easy with the right hand. ill still keep ahead of the traffic but.
    a lonely road on a weekday is a different matter but..

  11. I try and ride so that I maximise fuel economy, thereby minimising my carbon footprint! :grin:



  12. legislation and physics
  13. Yeah that pretty much sums it up for me too... First priority is my safety and the safety of those around me. But if the risk is low, i like to open it up a bit.
  14. generally sit around 25km/h above speed limit, pending conditions
  15. The speed limit and if the weather or road conditions are bad then much lower than the speed limit.
  16. I really should slow down, I found myself doing 200 in a 100 zone, felt good at the time but then realised it is 6 months ban and 2200 fine if caught.

    Must --- Look ---- At ------ Speedo ------ More ------- Often :!:
  17. I guess I am with everyone else then!
  18. That'd be more like a 12 months plus ban bud. [​IMG]
  19. i guess i go by how i feel really... and then factor in everything else....
  20. The ability to stop :grin: