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What damage can a seized link do???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BalmyBrowny, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. I have found a seized link on my chain.... didn't know hwat noise was at first... so after advice.. (thanks guys :) ) tightened and lubed chain... was way out!!! silly me :( now noise is more grating than knocking cause less play in the chain... put it on centrestand and turned wheel backwards... found the link pretty easy then!!!! so now donet know what to do... don't have money at moment for new chaing/sprockets.... so wondering should i not ride till i can get these or is it not so bad???

  2. If its bad enough you run the risk of it snapping which could cause a rear wheel lock up if it jams.Or damaging your engine cases.
  3. eek... thats not good.... thanks for that.. might try to loosen it maybe... if doesnt work then i'll bus it till i can get i fixed :(
  4. It will damage sprockets, so replace them too. The harmonics could also cause strange wear patterns in gearbox components long term.
    Fix it ASAP! Find the money, treat this like a defective tyre.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Yes, time for new chain and sprockets. Your bike will be transformed. Look after the new chain.
  6. bugger :( thanks for the advice ... will start lookin around to see how much will set me back.. damn christmas time!!!!!! at least now i know i'll be looking after my maintenance a wholle lot better!!!!! stupid me and my always learn the hard way.....
  7. You can always try to un-sieze it by working oil into the links.

    Note that if the chain snaps, worst case is it gets tangled and breaks engine cases/locks up rear wheels... but more often it simply falls off a lies on the road like a snake ;)

    I've ridden a bike for a few months with a siezed link. I asked a guy at the shop I took it to "whats the worst that can happen". His reply was "increased wear".
  8. hey cflake... had a mate tell me same thing... shouldn't be too bad if don't over tension chain.... but am saving and shopping around for chain/sprocket anyway..... just in case.... better to be safe than sorry... been lubing every morning a little on the chain before i go to work so far since i found it... trying to get it to unkink.... hopefully that should help tilll i get it fixed in jan :( such a long time away....
  9. Would you drive a car if you knew that there was broke teeth in the diff, and it could cause you to lock up and run off the road?

    Same thing, ecxept you will be on the road with no car around you.
  10. Dunno what planet you live on but here on earth the usual result is either a shredded engine casing (and resultant oil all over the rear wheel) or just a shredded engine casing. Take your pick, they both cost a lot more than a new chain and sprockets.
  11. point 1
    new chain, its better than an oopsie or getting dead

    point 2
    in my farm bike days i had a chain come off my xt500 more than 3 times, none of which resulted in damage to the bike, but simply lay on the road like a snake (prob was it was an ordinary Heavy Duty Chain with a split link - ah the joy of bush bikes)
    so i guess i come from the same planet as cflake
  12. I had a split link chain on a 250 break on the tollway, cracked the output sprocket cover, jammed the chain inside the cover. Had to pay for a towtruck to drive my bike home, about $21.

    Replacement cover cost $75 from the wrecker. All up, cost me roughly twice what just the chain would have cost.