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What counts as a dropped bike???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Does it count as a drop if you just forget to put the stand down and a slow motion, unstoppable placement of your bike on the garage floor takes place????? :rofl: :rofl: :facepalm:

    No damage, just stupid :facepalm: :WStupid:
  2. A drop's a drop, though I like the 'placement on the floor' idea :)
  3. If it hits the deck it's a drop.

    At least ya got it out of the way :grin:
  4. :worthlesspics: :eek:wned:

    Oh Jeff. Not the 750.

  5. Yup..................not a scratch though!!!
  6. Pics of bike anyway!!! :grin:
  7. click on the photobucket link in my sig.
  8. No such thing.

    Happened to me with the SP1 after it was only 3 weeks old. It was about an inch from the floor, i just reefed it upright.

    Tore every muscle in my upper body but at least the bike didnt touch terra firma :)
  9. Mate......you're huge......show us ya guns :rofl: :rofl:
  10. Yeh I know what you mean. I almost dropped mine, but f$#^ that! not dropping my bike for love nor money. Well maybe money.. or love.. damn.

    Damn naked bikes Jeff! A lady dropped her virago when I did my P course the other day - trying to do the uturn. Not a scratch. URGH!!
  11. Well if you didn't say anything no-one would have known :LOL:

    *glad it is undamaged :)
  12. You forgot what????
  13. I forgot my brain!!!

    I didn't put the stand down and slowly down she went :roll:
  14. Well at least it was only your pride got hurt.
  15. Yeah, I know........but ya gotta be true in your heart when someone asks the question. :LOL:

    The question that will come up if I ever sell her is "has it ever been dropped?" and the real question is "has there been any damage from a drop?" and I can truthfully say (at this stage and hopefully for ever) NO!
  16. stalking my photobucket huh??

    I always work like that :rofl:

    Nah, that was for a calender we did for a friend's 40th a while ago and I was "dared" to post on the now defunct "guys on bikes" thread.

    Pretty hot huh???? :rofl: :rofl:
  17. Yeah, when I saw that I thought: "Gee, don't get any spackle on yer tackle." :LOL:
  18. ya will notice what a big nail bag it is :rofl:

    hey!!............what's this got to do with dropping ya bike??????? [-X