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What cost to expect for paint job?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by banditbob, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. For a full body paint job what can one expect to pay?

    Need to know I'm not being ripped.
  2. A lot? I was quoted $400 to do a factory paint job on just a bellypan for ye olde GPX. :p
  3. All important question...

    Are you doing the prep work yourself or is the spray shop doing everything?
  4. Spray shop doing everything.

    Basically im tossing up between buying a red bandit second hand then spraying it black- or paying $1500 extra for a black bandit from a dealer.
  5. I would agree. It would likely cost you more for the respray... although obviously a bandit doesn't have a lot in fairings. :p You know any near you that does painting? Why not give them a ring?
  6. I'm with CAS on this one.

    As it's a naked bike you've really only got the tank and the duck tail to spray though... so i'm guessing you could get away with a good quality paint job for... ooooh... ~$700. I'd still say your better off just getting the black one and skipping the head ache from a new paintjob.
  7. My tank cost me $380, and a lower left fairing piece cost $180, for a factory quality finish. Was quoted $250 for the ducktail for a factory finish. Mind you, there was some repair work too in all of those pieces, probably accounting for maybe 20% of the cost.

    At a guess, for a fully faired bike with a factory quality finish you'd be looking at around the $1300-1500 mark. Less if no stickers needed. Could probably get it a little cheaper again asking for less than a full quality job.
  8. Thats steep.

    Why do they charge so much?

    Not as if its a 10 hour job.
  9. I'd pay for a pre-painted bike, you won't get anything extra for the custom job when you sell it
  10. If you are planning on keeping the bike for a few years then pay the extra $1500 and get the bike you want.

    If the bike is a "learner" and you only plan on keeping it for a short period of time just put up with the red bike and save your $$$ for your upgrade..

    I also have a love for black bikes but after you have been riding for a bit colour really doesnt matter that much. I personally would invest in a bike with a kick ass engine, suspension and brakes and dont get obesessed with colour..
  11. go custom colour

    black with a nice pearl through it

    if you are going to get it painted then get it done properly!
  12. Ah what the heck... it needs to be said!

    - Bunnings Matt Black spraypack ($10)
    - roll of masking tape ($1.40)
    - yesterdays newspaper from neighbours bin ($0.00)

    Riding a STEALTH bike... PRICELESS.


    I need sleep.
  13. I paid $500 to spray my 2004 Z750 ducktail and front nose cone fiberglass fairings black. It looked goods to.

    I will be going the matt black option for the fairings I have now.
  14. It's 2 guys working on it for a day, at least.

    You don't just wack the paint over the top of the existing paint. Theres lots of elbow grease in a paint job, both before and after you paint.

    Not only that, bike bits are a pain in the arse, if you want to paint both sides. Also second hand bikes have a lot more little dings in them then you realise, once you start sanding.

    I was quoted $800 for a single colour respray, with no sticker and I though that was pretty good.