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What comes with a new 09 r1?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by putanna, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am purchasing a second hand 2009 r1. I wanted to know what comes with it re: How many keys,tool kits rear seat cowl? Is there anything in particular?

    Thanks in advance Cam
  2. 3 keys, 1 red, 2 black.
    If you are not supplied with the RED key, DO NOT buy the bike.

    No seat cowl, unless you buy it seperately.

    Standard Yamaha toolkit.

    I owners manual and a service book.

  3. Thanks for that yes the bike has 1 red key and 1 black only. Tool kit is missing.
  4. Another black key will set you back about $50.
    You need to take the blank key to a locksmith/mr minit and get it cut before you return to your Yamaha dealer with both the new black key and the red key, they need the red key to program your new black key. :)
  5. Is it new (thread title) or is it second hand (thread body)???

    Can you account for the missing stuff on a near-new bike, and why is a near-new bike being sold?

  6. The tool kit is under the riders seat in a plastic case. The riders seat is removed with the allen key located under the pillion seat, which is removed with the key.

  7. i think hes asking what comes with the new R1 so he knows whats missing on the 2ND HAND 1 he is looking at to buy

    get My drift
    PAUL? :grin::grin::grin:
  8. you need to make allowances for the elderly :LOL:
  9. "Re: What comes with a new 09 r1?"

    A decent size bank loan also....
  10. It comes with an in-built chick magnet, though i'm not sure where it's installed
  11. If you dont mind me asking, how much are you paying for it and how many Kms on it? Im asking cause im going to be putting a deposit on a new one this saturday and think i can pick one up for $19k or hopefully slightly less new.
  12. Damn, bought mine second hand, think that feature had already been removed :rofl:

  13. I pulled out of the deal today as the guy selling said he had the service books but had to find them. I put the books in the clause of the sale. He rang today and said there was no chance of getting the books as it was a repo hence i was getting it cheap. But with no books it aint worth much to me anyway. Wouldn't be much fun trying to on sell later down the track.

  14. If it helps grange, I see a LOT of guys staring at you!!!... (well, probably the bike actually!! :p )... but I guess thats just not the same!!.. eh?? :D
  15. You can get replacement service books, all you need to do then is contact Yamaha Australia, find out which dealer sold the bike, approach them for service history and they should oblige, stamp your book and off you go.
  16. Tried that rang the shop that it was sold from and they said they can't do that. They said yamaha australia will only let them issue 1 book per vehicle. The best they could offer was to download a service book from yamaha website. Sounded like crap to me.
    Very dissapointing as the bike had only done 1000km and was like brand new.
  17. if the bike has only done 1000kms, it probably hasn't even had its first service yet, so a service book with no history is just the same as a replacement service book. Buy the bike, PM me your details and I'll organise a book for you.

    The only real concern I have is the red key, it's not likely that a repo bike will have a red key.
    It will cost you heaps to replace the module and get a new red key. I'd want to see the red key first.
  18. Thanks heaps for your info Caz V1! I contacted another dealer this morning that is local to me and i go in there often. They said no problems bring the bike in for a look and they will give me a service book for free!

    I rang the guy back who is in charge of selling the bike, he said he had sold it to another person and they were picking it up in an hour.

    I got a call back 2 hours later saying the guy was stuffing him around with finance and was i still interested?

    So i will be picking it up tomorrow or thursday night.

    Yes it does have the red key. That was the 1st thing i looked for when i looked at the bike.

    Thanks heaps
  19. and dont forget the sloppy front end..