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What colour should I respray?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Wulfr, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. #1 Wulfr, Aug 20, 2015
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    Hey folks,

    I've decided to respray my 2011 GT250R but am unsure about the colour I should respray, and would love some suggestions!

    Prior to sanding the fairings of the entire bike, the colour was black and red (as seen in the photos). I've had the bike for about 3 months and will most likely resell it in the coming months so that I can move up to a bigger bike within the LAMS limits* as I let my L's expire back in 2010 before getting my L's gain in 2015.

    As of now I have sanded and coated the fairings in plastic primer, and will over the next few days spray it *a chosen colour*, followed by a some wet-sanding and a clear coat. But, this is where I'm stuck! - I was thinking about spraying the bike matte black (or black) however after reading some matte black posts on Netrider, I'm now not so sure about this option. A mate of mine has suggested green? - and I know the colour must match the style of the bike.

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know, because at this point in time, I'm torn between multiple colours! Please do keep in mind though that I will be selling the bike in the coming months (what colour bike would you purchase?).

    Thanks for your imput!

    Side note: in the following photos my bike is the red and black one; obviously :) (the white, black and red GT is my mates).

    IMG_1362.JPG IMG_1499.JPG IMG_1500.JPG IMG_0952.JPG
  2. You should have just left it as is because your selling it in a few months.
    Expect to get less for it now!
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  3. I'd buy a black bike, lol. The Yamaha FZ6R came out with a limited edition red which is really nice. Looks great on the road. But as Nick gsxr750Nick gsxr750 pointed out, I'd also be a bit suss of anything that's been resprayed so maybe the best option is to respray the original colour?

  4. By the looks of it the dent in the tank may have had a drop or something maybe fixing damaged fairing?
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    It's defiantly had a drop prior to my purchase - the left-side fairings were also suffering from a few scratches (hence the repair and respray) which I have sanded out and repaired. The scratches were noticeable enough to get the better of me even though it is an L's graded Bike. :D

    It'll look mint after I'm done with it. :D

    Color recommendations? - I'm beginning to think that black is perhaps the best option.
  6. Black is always nice but a biatch to keep clean and makes it easier to see micro scratches. Maybe a nice champagne pearl.
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  7. Black always looks good but the paint job must be perfect, as it shows up every imperfection.

    I reckon that stock red looks pretty awesome.
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  8. How about the south Korea national colours
  9. Candy apple pink with a purple fleck

    Its a Hyosung so you won't have to worry about resale value :p
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Hmm . . . So green?
  12. What? No, blue of course!
  13. It has been said that this season, orange is the new black.
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  14. Personally I wouldn't waste my money on respraying it. Rather I'd save my money to put towards a better bike...
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  15. Fluro yellow rattle can
  16. [​IMG]

    nah, just kidding.. go Kandy

    orange pearl?
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    Project respray: COMPLETE =D

    Here's the final result folks! We kind of got carried away with the stickers too, but trust me, it looks mint. >:O

    l also purchased a new GP Shorty Pipe from the United States which will be going on in the coming weeks too.

    The process in the end was a little time consuming, however, it's all in the preparation.

    I first disassembled the bike and sanded each piece down (staring at 100 gritt and working my way up to 800ish') using a 125 watt $25 sander from Super Cheap Auto at 100 gritt, then up to 800 gritt by hand - this took a good couple of days (here and there after uni).

    I then applied about 5 coats (maybe more) of Plastic Primer to all parts and waited 24 hours.

    From there I then applied Matte Black spray paint ($18 a can in Super Cheap Auto - 400ml each) and used about 3 cans for the entire bike.

    Another 24 hours later I applied the Top Coat (using two 400ml cans), and wallah! Job done! :)

    Before: IMG_0576.JPG

    AFTER: IMG_1707.JPG IMG_16821. IMG_1672.JPG
  18. Ummm . . .
  19. Cool story, bro.
  20. Just my opinion. I liked it better before. It'd be hard to see if you're leaning forward over the tank