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What club racing classes are available?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Viator, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I'm thinking of rebuilding my '96 CBR900RR and getting into racing. I've done a little bit of research on the interweb and couldn't find a racing class that would suit my bike. Is there something available that I would be competitive in?

    I live in Sydney and if I were to begin racing I'd be brand new to the sport. I have experience riding big bikes but I think maybe I'd be left behind by all the other guys?

    Can anyone enlighten me as to whether there's a class that I could be competitive (not dead last) in?

  2. You have two choices for road racing in NSW.

    The first is Formula Xtreme and you'll be either in the FX600 if your bike is near stock or Formula Oz if you've had much more than an exhaust. This page will give you entries and rules. This is a level above club racing so you'll find that it's pretty competitive, how fast are you around EC?

    Otherwise, the St George Motorcylce Club runs a terrific series and you'll find it to be a less formal and more easy going for your first outing. Your bike will be a Clubsport which is: 600cc Clubsport Pre 12/2005 600cc 4 cyls; 750cc 2 cyls; 675cc 3 cyls. Link to website here.

    I've no association with either FX or St G other than I've raced in both and enjoy them both. If you need any more info you can talk to the respective organisations direct, I'm happy to steer you in the right direction also. We need more people racing, it'd be good to see you out there!


    Edit: You may not make Clubsport on the year? Doesn't change much anyway, you'll still find yourself with company.
  3. Thanks heaps for the info Dean.

    When I said I'd be brand new to the sport, I should've also mentioned that I haven't even been to the track yet. I do all my riding in the twisties.

    I found this on the St George MCC site:

    1) 600cc 600cc 4 cyl; 750cc 2 cyls; 675cc 3 cyls & 250GPs,
    Formula Xtreme 600 Lites.
    2) 600cc Clubsport Pre 12/2005 600cc 4 cyl; 750cc 2 cyls; 675cc 3 cyls.
    3) Ladies Female Competitors Only
    4) 125, 250 Mono 125cc GPs 15.11, 250cc Mono
    & Single Cyl. (No 250GPs) & Single Cylinders.
    5) Unlimited 750-1300cc Fuel Injected 2,3&4 cyls, Formula Xtreme
    6) Unlimited Clubsport 01/1996-12/2005 750-1300cc 2,3&4 cyl
    7) Unlimited Retro 1/1/1983 to 31/12/1995 750-1300cc 2,3&4 cyl
    8) Unlimited V-Twin V Twin Motorcycles, Formula Xtreme Pro-Twins.
    9) 400cc 400cc machines.
    10) BEARs Bears Rules. Scored by grade for Honda RJays Series.

    It seems my bike would only fit into the 'Unlimited Clubsport' Class. So I guess the question is, what lap times do the D grade guys in Unlimited Clubsport run?

    Hopefully I'll get my Kwaka to EC soon so I can see where I fit in.
  4. That'd be the way to start. Hope to see you out there!
  5. Your bike would be eligible for Club Sport Ultimate with St George.

    It may be eligible for PCRA if the first bike of your model was release in at least December 1995. ie, your 96 model would be OK if the same model was available for sale in 1995.

    Or, you could just buy my bike and race straight away in PCRA and St George clubsport ;)

  6. Look at NATSOFT for PCRA and St George laptimes.


    PCRA is generally a little slower then St George. Any time under 1:55 at EC or 1:15 at WP would be fine for St George, add 4 seconds for PCRA.
  7. Pffft those old blokes still fly lol