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What Cheezus Me OFF

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Bloody inconsiderate motorbike riders who are lane splitting and DON'T BOTHER to look in the rear view mirrors when a faster :shock: :p bike is approaching. Look you numbskulls :shock: you have mirrors BLOODY USE THEM. :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I hate it when I get stuck behind you slow moving riders who are out for a Sunday bloody drive down the middle. Let me quanitify this by saying that a minute too two minutes is just too long when you are up the arse of another bike. I understand that at times you cannot move over because there are no spaces. But when you are behind a person who does not check there mirrors frequently and then you see the head move to look in the mirror after 1 or 2 minutes and then they promptly moves over, well IMHO thats just plain WRONG. You should be checking your mirrors more often. Sometimes they are bloody oblivious to the road. At times the only way to pass is to rev the loud pipe on the bike to get them to hear me and look in the mirror.:evil: :evil: :evil:

    Riders who do USE their mirrors will see you coming and move over. I do the same to faster riders who approach me. Its just plain Rider Ettiquette.

    Be a little more considerate please, thats all I ask.

    Is that too much :?:

    Cheers 8)

    Rant Over, off to bed now thankyou and goodnight one and all.
  2. Well I am always very aware of everything thats going on when I am lanesplitting in moving traffic cos a. you're really not meant to be there and b. I am very aware of how exposed I am.. so I pay lotsa attention...especially to faster bikes that come up behind me, so it's not me holding you up :p :D
  3. Not guilty I'm a very considerate rider & get lots of waves of thanks from the faster riders that I move over for!
  4. Geeez, back 1 day and ya whinging already :LOL: :p
  5. Daz, Daz, Daz,

    I'm not the fastest lane splitter in the world, and I'm still really ginger about it, but I have a go. HOWEVER, in my mirrors is the last place I'd be looking, while I'm concentrating on everything else. I do glance occasionally however. AND if I ever saw/heard someone comin up behind me, I'd move over at the first opportunity.

    Ever thought the rider you came across was new to the game perhaps?

    *takes mental note to keep the hell outta Daz's way next time* :)
  6. Dazza , Dazza ,Dazza

    tisk tisk tisk

    What do you expect when you ride a tank, that is what as wide as a Hog with ape hangers ?

    You really need to get with the program and buy a STORM , there quick extremly nimble AND thin to get you through those small gaps between things

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  7. see your point dazza,

    last week coming back from ruffy i went via yea
    I was doing 105 and 4 bikes came up barreling behind me , 3 big bikes and a 250 , the road has been (looks like recently worked on and there was stones still on the road from the road works) , the big bikes passed me on the road works (dickheads), then it dropped back to 80 then 60 and in the 60 zone the wanker on the 250 went passed and gave me a few gestures as he went by and showered me in little stones .

    I followed this bastard , he passed 3 cars on double lines and dangerously too I caught up too him in whittlesea when he and his mates were pulled over and gave this prick a spraying , if he wants to be a cock head , then thats his problem, but shut his mouth , next time i see him i will kick him off his bike.

    I was doing above the speed limit and because he got held up from his peg scratching he thought that I shouldnt be using the road because it was interfering with his play time.

    when i see a bike come up behind me , i give them room and general throw out a foot to tell them what side to pass me on , but these boy racers are fcukwits , they not only endanger them selves but everyother road user as well.

    I sat behind a car for 7 k's through the hills on double lines, he was doing the speed limit , why would there be any need to pass him , i wasnt going for it plus it was double lines .
    I could have passed him quiet easily many times , but I was happy to do the speed limit , and one car actually moved over a bit to try and let me through , I just gave him a little gesture saying its OK , i will sit here ( too risky even though he tried to help me ) and when i did pass him later on i gave hima wave to say thanks anyway.

    i know this may be differant circumstances to your occassion, but i thought i would put it up just to remind everyone , that when the other person is doing the speed limit its your responsability if you want to pass.
  8. Dazza starts off by complaining about not moving over when lane splitting and then appears to go on to complain about bikes that don't move over in general.
    I'm a newb and have a question about moving over ettiquette when not lane splitting. I was riding along the Princes Hwy in Dandenong at 6:00am on Monday, on my way to work. I was in the inside lane of three. I was in the right hand wheel track. I noticed a Harley coming up behind me (I was looking in my mirrors and I heard him). The other two lanes were empty. I didn't move over and the Harley came past me on the inside (essentially left hand tyre track of the car in front).
    Should I have moved over given that there was plenty of space to go round me on the right?
  9. i never move over for other bike while lane splitting (but then again i dont have to as they never go fast enough to catch up :LOL: )
  10. must agree with Miss ZZR, when i'm lane splitting i never use my mirrors as i'm to busy trying to work out what the cars in front of are doing..
    Also though by the same token if you can keep up with me to the point of needing to pass then your a lunatic!
  11. I rarely use my mirrors when lane splitting. I'm too busy watching where I'm going, working out if the gap is big enough and making sure that I don't take off anyone's mirrors...especially mine.

    When I get to the front, then I have a look to see if anyone is behind me so that I can give them some room to get out of being stuck between two cars.
  12. :shock:

    Sorry, don't know if I can agree with this, I don't split often, cos in Hobart the traffic doesn't get bad enough to warrant it. The times I do, I agree with those that say they are too busy actually splitting to be constantly checking the mirrors.

    From the other side of the argument, isn't splitting at speed, and coming up fast behind other splitters ("splitters", beginning to sound like the Life of Brian 8) ), when they are obviously concentrating on the road and vehicles around them a tad inconsiderate in itself, esp as you say your "up there arse"?

    A coupla minutes isn't going to hurt you, someone learning the art of lane splitting getting a sudden mirror full of bike "up the arse" could well cause an "anxiety attack" with sad consequences.

    If you want consideration, then please show some consideration to other bikes, slow down behind the slow guy in front, maintain the safety gap, overtake later and your still way ahead of the tintops.

    My two cents

  13. Well Bond seems to have the confidence to glance in the mirrors every now and then.

    Cheers 8)
  14. mmmmm NO. Everyone else seemed to get the jist as to what I was saying/getting at.

    Cheers 8)

    P.S. As per your question WHO CARES, this is my thread. GO START YA OWN. :p :p :p :p
  15. I'd have thought, given that both parties are bending the rules, that same as any other situation as long as nobody does anything unsafe then getting past is YOUR PROBLEM.
    Fair enough there's some etiquette involved here. Front of the queue you move over in front of a car to give another rider room etc. And fair enough don't stop in the corridor if you don't have to, but generally, if you want to get through, then it's up to you to find a way. It's not like you've got a legal right fer chrissake.
  16. Nah its not just one rider. Its happens with L & P platers and unrestricted riders. Its not a daily occurance but I would imagine that this issue would crop up a few times a week. Not really much I suppose in the big picture.

    But I still cannot understand how others cannot glance everynow and then, coz they are too focused on looking in front. Its only a split second everynow and then. Think about it. How far back can you see when you do look. So you do get some long lead time if there is a bike way back.

    What concerns me though, is that there are people who have said they dont look. Surely this is just imprinted in the brain cells to do every now and then just like a head check when changing lanes.

    Cheers 8)
  17. Spoken like a TRUE OIL LEAKER :p :p :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)
  18. Im with Shabby on this one, if someone is stupid or game enough to be catching me while lane splitting, they deserve a medal

    :LOL: :p :LOL:

    But on the same note im always glancing in my mirrors to see how much clearance i have on my tail as i 'filter' or if i know someone is following to make sure there not getting into trouble and getting stuck. Thats if i know em :p

    people like dazza who cant get through those smaller gaps

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Sorry but I disagree and I believe nearly every rider out there that lane splits. Because it does not matter if you are going fast or slow, the slower bike will always move over for the faster bike at some point. Its simply Rider Ettiquette.

    Cheers 8)
  20. IMHO if I'm splitting, I'm splitting. If a rider wants to get around me, find another way. There isn't the room for pulling over and passing when splitting.

    Then again, I guess when I'm splitting I'm fairly quick and I don't feel obliged to let others through, it's pretty rare I see anyone behind me when splitting. If I was a total noob and splitting super slow - walk/riding through the lanes etc I'd get fed up if I had to sit behind them too.

    Of course when I get to the lights at the head of the queue, then I always move over to let splitters behind me through.