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What chance have you got these days?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Driving down a wet and slippery Macquarie Pass this afternoon on the way home from work I saw a fresh divot out of the rock wall about two-thirds the way down. "Take even more care", muttered Mr Sensible, (specially as I was in a borrowed car).

    At the bottom of the pass is a tilt-tray and on it a comprehensively trashed BMW 318i car. And beside the tilt-tray? A COP CAR!!!!

    Like, it was a single vehicle accident. There was no property damage. There were no injuries. There was no ambulance.

    So to compound this poor stiff's woes, not only has he to pay his insurance excess and endure the aggro of being without his car, NSW's finest are probably going to charge him with negligent driving for hitting a cliff-face. :roll:

  2. May not be charged, depends on teh police and how he ended up there. Police were probably called by someone concerned, and then ended up controlling traffic.
    I'll say it again, that road demands respect in the wet.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Way to speculate there Paul! :roll:

    Parhaps he was run off the road, and the cops are questioning him about the other car?

    Perhaps the car was stolen?

    Perhaps the cops were just making sure the towie cleaning up didn't cause another accident?

    Perhaps it was the cops brother, wife, Mother, Father....?

    Perhaps the car was so unroadworthy with bald tyres and no brakes, and he was actually driving so dangerously that the dude deserves to be charged?

    If the car was already on the tilt tray how do you know there wasn't another car or any injuries?

    ......... who knows????? :wink:
  4. triway's right

    A small south-coast town... Mr Plod is probably also the local cliff repair person.
  5. You're probably right, but as I drove past I was thinking about poor Haggis getting pinged with ND for hitting a roo!
  6. Yes, Haggis' extreme non-psychic-communication-and-foresight-with-native-Australian-animals negligence was a bit of horrible framework.

    Must admit - I'd be answering questions from police after any accident VERY carefully... if at all!

    "I'm sorry, I've just been injured I do not feel up to answering questions or delivering a statement at this time."

    FluffyDonkey got interviewed in his hospital bed, in-between painkillers and on a full bladder :eek:
    Poor bugger - I reckon he told 'em whatever they wanted to hear so he could go take a slash [scored a neg driving charge... although it was deserved, he'd been punished more than enough and then some already - insult to injury. Bastids sometimes.].
  7. what happened to fluffy donkey? is he ok these days?

    love your av paul!
  8. He's going to Ireland + Europe for 6 months :eek:
    The blue bike's for sale and everything!

    Leaves next month.

    Far out eh?
  9. yeah, his my fluffy hit man! i will have to put the gold crowbar i bought him next in storage next to ure pen. :grin: :grin:

    sounds more exiting than what i had planned for him. hope he buys another bike!
  10. I think he will - got his eye on the limited edition ZX10R when he returns with a pocket full o' Euros :)
  11. Paul,
    I work in a 000 centre and I am amazed at the number of drivers we get ringing up to report the exact type of accident you have witnessed. They dob themselves in! The other issue is they often contact their insurance company to ask them which tow truck they should use and as soon as the insurance company hears "tow truck" they immediately ask if Police are called. They then advise the client to ring Police otherwise their claim might not be processed or may even be refused. What they want is a Police report to do the hard work for them so they can ping you for contributory negligence and minimise their claim.
  12. oh my! he has taste!

    apparently, if u drop ure bike u gotta get back on it quick cause a witness will panic, call 4 help and u get charged with 'loosing control o vehicle'.

    insurers will do anything to get out of paying.

    i heard a story where a cripple who was injured in a car accident [driver at fault had a heart attack and died behind the wheel] lost any chance o getting a cent cause the mans insurence expired when he died.