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What chance do we stand?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. This morning on the way to work I watched as a cage almost put it’s self under a Cement truck. No Indication no head check.
    Seriously if the stupid dead head couldn’t see a cement truck what chance do we stand?
    Protect your space people.

  2. And people wonder why bikies carry guns............
  3. Why I dont demand safer level crossings.

    If they cannot see a train....
  4. I used to work for a place that was at the end of a dead end street (with a large gate restricting access) and used to have a lot of large trucks coming and going every day. Just outside that gate was the exit of a shopping centre.
    The security camera footage always made for entertaining viewing. Kinda scary the number of drivers who never bothered to look left and would pull out directly in front of a fully loaded B-double. Fortunately for them the trucks weren't going very fast, although there were still more than a few who were convinced it was the fault of the truck (or the place they were driving out of) that was to blame for their cars getting smashed (despite the large warning sign at the exit telling people to look left for trucks :roll:).
  5. That's right, some people just haven't evolved.

    Natural selection at it's finest. Darwin would be proud.
  6. Yeah, but it's when they take one of us or our loved ones with them. :evil:

    Butz. :beer:
  7. People are getting dumber and dumber (funny movie).

    Watch the movie Idiocracy. its gonna happen i'm sure...

    As the bogans breed and the smart people wait for a better economy to raise a child the world goes to hell.
  8. But they didn't see it! It's not their fault.
  9. dead head cagers must be out in force this morning....

    Whilst i was heading to my local bike dealership there was this Peugeot all over the road. Driving next to me, then behind, then next to me, then behind, thought I'd let them go past and hang back. Next minute 20 metres up ahead a car in our lane goes to turn right, the peugeot moves to the left lane, no indicator, no headcheck and smashes into the back of a stationary car at the traffic lights in the left lane, lady gets out of the peugeot hands on head her bonnet fully crumpled, the car she hit some scratches and small dents on the rear bumper..

    On the way back from the dealership similar thing, some cager all over the place, I hang back a little trying to distance myself as far as i can and smash they rear end a car stationary at the traffic lights!
  10. flurk

    Quieter route home for me after reading that.
  11. There are bloody dills out there all the time.
    Remember, you don't have to pay full price to meet a deadshit.
  12. traffic sux.
    the end.
  13. :rofl:
  14. Thats fkn crazy!!!
  15. that dumb b***h utterly deserved crashing.... luckily noone was hurt i guess?
  16. ^^^^oh man, i am so buying a Harley and joinin a bikie gang

    *gets pen out = "so where do I sign"*

    so true = too many bad drivers, and they want to restrict the elderly driving - its morons late for work or young people with no idea (that so doesnt include me BTW :p )
  17. What do you know, a driver made a mistake. Let's all run for the hills!

    About 10 years ago a motorcyclist changed lane without looking ... right into me. He fell off, got hurt pretty badly and damaged my car (door and mirros). He wasn't insured, never managed to get a cent out of the bastard ...
  18. The only problem with the Gene Pool is that there is no life gaurd
  19. And the guy who cleans the pool needs firing...
  20. :twisted:
    you are in for some fun, at your expense.