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What chain?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by toodles, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. I've got to order a new chain and sprockets for my bike (VTR250) and I'm after some info on chains. I've heard of 5120, 520, 420, 410 chains and whatnot - but what's the difference?

    Is there a discernible difference between chains? I'm after something of good quality and like everybody I'll take anything to get a "racier" feeling bike. But I don't want something that'll be rubbish in a few months.

  2. the 4 and 5 at the beginning of that number refer to the pitch of the chain.

    the 20, 25, 30 etc refer to the width and stregth.

    If you are replacing both sprockets and the chain you can put anything you want on, but generally you will go for what is readily available (sprockets in the size you want).

    5 series is much more common, but 4 may be specified on smaller bikes.

    Unless your bikes like mine with a 530 chain and 525 has more ratios available, I'd stick with stock sizing
  3. AFAIK, the VTR runs a 520 chain.
    For a good one, look out for a DID (brand) 520 (size) VM (type of chain, X-ring in this case). The whole reads as DID 520VM.
    Check the number of links you need in your manual....or if you do the change yourself, buy a 120link chain and cut down to size (lay out old and new on a bench/ floor) by grinding the 2 pins of one link, be careful, don't cut off too much.
    A clip-style chainlock is fine on a bike of that size/ power output.
    Sharp/ burred side of the clip facing OUT, closed end of the clip facing direction of rotation.
    Get new sprockets to match, the old one being worn will chew out a new chain way to quick= false economy. Aftermarket sprockets ( JT or AFAM brands are fine and fairly cheap ~~$ 70-80 set) are fine.
  4. Not to mention the Gold links on the DID x-ring chains look that much better!! :D
  5. Interesting... and slightly on topic... a mate just called me and offered me a Brand New o-ring 530 chain 120 links for $100... so if any one is interested I could ask him for more (I'm not soure if it a good price or not)
  6. What chain and sprockets would be recommended for an '83 XL600R? A 520 chain and 19 and 43 front and rear sprockets are specified. Are there any brands, or different types of chain, that are recommended? Cheers.
  7. Don't get a CZ then if you don't want rubbish...