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What causes a Tank-slap?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kez Across, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. I've heard people talk about them, and I've seen videos of them....
    But I haven't seen anything mentioned about what causes them!
    So, what causes a tank-slapping incident, and how can you avoid one?

  2. The bike wanting to go one way(side ways), the front wheel wants to go another (forward and upward), inertia speeding things up causing the handle bars to flap around around whilst one tries to grip the seat with thy sphincter muscles trying to control it only adding to the confusion of it all... Best to straighten up before giving the gas a squirt to best avoid it.
    Hope that clears it up for you.
  3. i thought tank slap was when you wacked the missus on the arse during sex :LOL:
  4. Only if your missus is the size of a tank! :twisted: :p :LOL:
  5. Well there goes Groberts theory, Nikki is FAR from a tank :shock:
  6. probably why I dont experiance it :wink: :LOL:
  7. I was getting tank slap on the freeway once... wasnt the wobble of the front wheel but I forgot to tuck my jeans into mu boots and basically my legs were freezing and slapping against the tank uncontrolably.

    I'm sure there is more out there that has experienced that one tho.
  8. My old RGV 250 used to tank-slap like a bugger. Used to happen when pushing it over anything rougher than a race-track or whenever I had some poor sucker on the back.

    I thought they were all like that due to its light weight and power but after I sold it I found out that the owner before me and fitted oversized tires (I never changed them) and that was causing the tank-slapping antics.

    So the moral of the story is to stick with the recommend sizes if you don't want a slapper.

    Sharp steering bikes are also prone to the slaps (steep fork angle, short wheelbase), that's why all the latest litre bikes have dampers as standard.
  9. ....If you recovered from a "tank-slap" you didnt really have a tank slap, you just had a bit of twitchynss....

    I had to jump off my RD350 at about 90kmh because I had a tank slap... (real one)...

    It was caused by the wear of the front tyre not matching the rear (long story) and thus causing instability...

    I was just idling around a rutty corner (about 100kmh) near home when she started thrashing from full-lock to full-lock... The bike stopped turning the corner and just started going straight ahead toward an embankment....

    It was a choice of jump off and slide or hit the bank and go over the bars... I choose jump...

    The bike just needed a new ducktail after doing a couple of somersaults.... Pretty good really...
    I ended up with quite a bit of road rash..
  10. In motorcycling circles a tank slapper can be two things:

    Tank Slapper #1
    A transparent protective coating, like contact. Installed this on my bike its a pain in the arse to install but does the trick and looks the part.

    Tank Slapper #2: Violent Shaking of the handlebars

    Bit of googling:


    (Follow the links and keep clicking on the 'Keep Reading >>' button)

    (about 80% of the way down the page)

    From what I've read the best way to avoid them is to keep the front wheel on the ground, don't trash your bike to the limit on corners and power on smoothly out of them. If you ride sensibly its unlikely to occur but the best defence when it happens is a Steering Damper(not recommending this one just providing illustration) .

    What I would recommend is to get one of these or these so you get Honda Electronic Steering Damper(tm) (HESD(tm)).
  11. Check out the bikepics accident page. There is a rather graphic video of a tankslapper on the Isle Of Mann.
  12. Thanks I was looking for that one for my above post and eventually gave up.

  13. Yep, I've got that movie (which is what I was referring to when I said I'd seen movies of them etc).... :wink:
    I've got movies of tank-slappers happening after a bike has "touched down" after a wheelie... & tank-slappers happening when accelerating out of corners... I just couldn't work out exactly WHY the tank-slappers were occuring! :) If I can work out what NOT to do, then in theory I won't ever experience a tank-slapper! :wink:

    Thanks everyone for all the info, it's much appreciated :)
  14. To avoid tankslappers make sure your tyres are in good condition, the same brand, and the same model.... (will help them wear evenly)

    Dont mix and match.... (why my TS happened!)
  15. Grrrrrrrrrrreat.... :?

    I've got a 1/3rd worn sports touring tyre (Dunlop) on the back, and a brand spanking new (ok, it's got 1000 k's on it now) Race compound sports tyre on the front..... :roll:

    Which mix & match combination should you avoid?
  16. i know i'm stupid but can ya help anyway
    i downloaded the t/s clip but got no visual could ne1 help me out??????
  17. Since the video appears to require Windows Media Player 9 or higher to play it you might have to update your Windows Media player. Try downloading the latest version, version 10, from the below website.