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What caused this lowside?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by friction, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. We've probably all seen the rnickeymouse channel on youtube, it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion - horrible but you can't look away. Most of the crashes are pretty standard "went where he was looking", but a few of them are more subtle and I thought it'd be interesting for newer and more seasoned riders to analyse.

    So, what are your thoughts on this crash:

  2. From what I can see, only one mistake caused it, and that was his wide line. In all the previous clips he was well and truly tucked in up on the centre line by that point in the corner. So that leaves us with two distinct possibilities.

    1) dust and grit on the road wide in the lane - look at the environment
    2) the patchwork is bumpy towards the outside of that lane and unsettled the bike - while the drop looks like it occurred after that, it could have stemmed from there.

    Or it could be a combination of the two.

    I dont think he used the rear brake, he looks better than that.
  3. easy, too much angle :)
  4. easy, too much angle :)
  5. I vote poor throttle control.

    He looked stiff on the bike in the other vids. In alot of these vids they look like they yank on the bars mid corner. It's hard to see on my phone but if he's riding stiff then he could easily yank on the bars and be ham fisted with the gas
  6. As old mate above stated - throttle control looks the obvious culprit!!

    Now, let’s look at this fella… http://www.youtube.com/user/rnickeymouse#p/u/1/2Hur1MS_Y3E

    Apart from making the first mistake of pruchasing a motorbike, I’m pretty sure he feels that his bike malfunctioning was the result of his near off/off’s… check how he looks down and left after the fact to suggest it was the bikes fault – priceless!!
  7. So when you say throttle control, are you thinking that he was using up too much turning grip which didn't leave enough throttle grip, so the culprit was over acceleration out of the apex causing the back end to slide out?
  8. Dude....
  9. Huh?

    Hear all the scraping before the bike actually goes into the lowside? It's lean angle. And eventually whatever was touching the road worked like a pivot to remove the wheels from the road, and down he goes.

    Notice in the previous passes, no scraping.

    So I guess that boils down to excessive speed?
  10. seriously? The bike wasn't leaned over that much compared to what some can get. Sounds like knee pad scraping to me. You can hear the same scraping in the second pass for half a second when his knee slider touches down.
  11. Lilley is 100% on the money!!!! that sound you're referring to is either the knee slider (or perhaps toes) that I'm 100% sure of.
  12. to be fair I think he's checking that the bike is still in one piece.
  13. Body language comes across a little nonchalant don't ya think?
  14. Like all accidents, it is usually a combination of things all coming together, that create the inevitable.
    He IS late and wide on corner entry, and gets out in the marbles that tend to be swept to the outside of a corner. He IS pulling a high lean angle on a bike with limited ground clearance. And he's a yank - so can't ride anyway. lol.

    The fact the rear came around as it did, leads me to believe that the rear just broke traction, either through grounding out and pivoting, or the debris ( sand and grit in this case), has caused the rear to let go, or he over-used the throttle, but probably a combination of all three to four aspects together conspired to bring him undone.
    But it all started with his poor tip-in, and went downhill from there.

    That's my guess, anyway.
  15. Off topic for a sec...

    nice avatar pic mate - that's what I call weedNfeed.. Nice!!
  16. ... lack of friction ????
  17. So I went a grabbed a frame, threw it in photoshop and got the ruler tool out.

    It shows a lean angle in excess of 53 degrees right before the rear steps out. Pilot powers claim 51.2 degrees in the dry, anf a few of the other manufacturers are around this mark.

    Now, the slicks setting on the BMW S1000R traction control is set to 53 degrees, but this bike isn't an S1000R, nor is it on slicks...

    I stand by my opinion of him coming in too hot and too low, for that particular corner, on that particular pass.

  18. thats cool man, the only problem is your horizontal line isn't horizontal in the picture. I dont think the angled line is to accurate either
  19. Awesome - this is getting more entertaining!
  20. It's not supposed to be horizontal. Lean angle is not measured against the horizon, it's measured against the road surface. The line through the bike runs parallel to the front forks. Rest easy, I took all of these things into consideration.