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What can you take to Jail?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by taiheung, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Hey fellas,

    Good mate of mine is doing 3 years in minimum security.
    What can you take as gifts for those guys? I want to be able to bring him something to lift his spirits.


  2. His girlfriend! Unofficial conjugal visits are very popular with someone spending all their time with blokes.
  3. This is going to be an important event for him, and it could get you in a lot of trouble if you bring the wrong thing. So it's too important to get 2nd-hand rumours from an internet forum. Try phoning the jail to ask them, or dept. of corrections (might be found on the dept of justice webpage?).
  4. Thanks Hotcam, you're right I will definitely check with the jail's policies before I bring anything - what I'm trying to get a good idea of though to clarify, is things that other people here may have brought as gifts and could recommend as a good idea.

    So input from people with experience would be invaluable.

    Thanks fellas.
  5. Books (not so much magazines), a pack of cards or something to help them pass the time...

    Not sure about the food situation, but a few sweets would cheer them up, i'm sure ANYTHING would taste better than what they're serving in the correctional facilities..
  6. Vaseline?
  7. buttplug?
  8. Soap on a Rope !
  9. Practical stuff is appreciated too.... Socks. Jocks. Clothes. Shoes. But you're his mate and not his Sister (my bro was in jail) so perhaps books and mags and stuff to pass the time. I'd wait till he's in there and then ask him (or his family as he may be more likely to tell them) what he needs..
  10. Oh right, gift ideas, no worries. Maybe talk to his family and find out what his need is for clothes etc, a mate's cousin had to get weekly deliveries of clothes and the dirties picked up and washed outside...

    apart from the 'soaponarope' jokes, toiletries like deodorant might well be appreciated too...

    books or magazines ... dvds if he has facility to watch...

    cigs yes +1
  11. Stick mags, so at least he'll have a visual aid while recieving a ram rodding. :LOL:
  12. cigarettes and pornos and mail and some really good books
  13. :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously, first check what you are allowed to take and then from there see if there is anything he would like/appreciate (assuming you know him very well).
  14. Just send him a postcard that says "wish you were here."
  15. I was going to say you can take whatever you can fit in your botty, but it seems botty jokes have been well and truly covered.
  16. Says the man who performed at the gay festival with a broken arse. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. . . . . and seems to be wanting to learn to Moonwalk ! :eek:

  18. [​IMG]

    Seriously though, smokes are currency so take those, he'll be able to buy whatever he needs after that.
  19. Money!!!!!
    You can deposit cash into an inhouse jail account that he can then use to buy stuff with. They have access to lots of stuff and it is all TAX FREE.
    It's better to give him the money to buy toiletries etc, than for you to buy them for him :)
    Once he has been in there a few weeks and has settled, then he might have a better idea of what would make his time inside a little easier, depends on what his cell/hut mate has too. You can take in portable Tv's, stereos and the like, just let him settle and then ask him.

    Envelopes with stamps on them are also handy.