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What can you fit in the boot?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Somewhat surprisingly, I can fit most of this under the passenger seat of the R6 (the only benefit of the side slung exhaust):

    Under my passenger seat unpacked
    Under my passenger seat packed


    - Disclock & holder case (so i doesn't fly around in there) + Reminder cable
    - Compass ('cos it makes me feel like the bush tucker man :shock: :roll: )
    - Michelin tyre gauge (top notch)
    - Tyre repair plug kit + 3 gas bottles
    - Standard R6 toolkit with leatherman
    - Can of WD 40
    - Flat roll of Duct tape (in toolkit)
    - Sunglass cleaner & microfibre cloth for cleaning visors/sunnies
    - 4 x Non-sterile surgical gloves for general use (great when riding in monsoons)
    - 4 x Garbage bags
    - Microfibre towel in pouch
    - Headband style led torch
    - Compact First aid kit with the works (inc safety matches)

    All this stuff generally stays in there all the time, anything else I'll carry in a backpack as needed. Makes me feel like I'm a bit more prepared, even if I'm just commuting.

    What do you keep on the bike all the time? (no Across riders - theyre like the bloody Tardis :LOL: )
  2. OK, so I'm a Tardis Rider, I won't gloat about ooodles and oooodles of space to carry all sorts of wonderful things :D

    But can I say that I don't bother with the "reminder cable" or lanyard for the disklock, I simply strap the lock's carry bag to the throttle grip with the bags velcro strap. The disklock goes on the back wheel as well, not the front. If I forget to unlock the back disk, as soon as I grab the throttle I get reminded.

  3. K'n hell, keeping all that in your boot may lead people to believe you actually ride your bike.
  4. So, why did the Irishman wear braces and a belt? To be sure, to be sure.
    Dan I do believe that you are prepared for anything up to but not including a minor nuclear attack. Must be comforting to ride with that stuff knowing how many disasters and emergencies you can fix/prevent.
    I have a small Ventura rack and bag which I have on the bike all the time.
    spare earplugs
    wet weather pants
    Wet weather gloves
    disc lock and reminder cable (at my age I need the reminder, it's BRIGHT YELLOW)
    Polaroid prescription glasses, and,
    scarf (will leave this out in summer, natch)
    Mobile phone and PDA ride in the tank bag, one of those magnetic jiggers that you can pick up easily and carry with you.
  5. Thanks to Dan, the R6 has jumped to the top of my list of potential replacements for the Across!

    Usually my boot contains:

    - Ziplock bag holding Leatherman multi-tool, Allen key, duct tape, reversible-shaft screwdriver & tyre pressure gauge

    - Across owner's manual

    - Disc lock and fluoro orange lanyard (which I definitely need!)

    - Small plastic sidestand puck, for parking on loose surfaces

    - Wallet, house keys & case for sunglasses

    - Spray can of puncture repair goo, just in case.

    If the weather looks dodgy, add RJays overpants and waterproof jacket.

    Pretty exciting list, huh? :roll:
  6. Don't you just LOVE those little plastic sidestand pucks? I got mine for free off the cover of a pommie bike magazine, but I must say I probably would have bought one anyway. Just a great invention, simple and effective.
  7. Lets see . Disc lock with fluro lanyard ( must be OFARC thing )






    Sidestand thingy

    But must get a first aid kit small enough to fit , and some soty of visor cleaner in there to . But thats if im buy myself . If Rhonda comes then we take the ventura rack and bag.

  8. Me too, I need a puncture kit and first aid kit (wife.. I say WIFE.. BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH HINT HINT)

    I recommend the visor cleaner that netrider sell... It's bloomin marvelous! and cheap too :D

  9. Ummm mine contains my rego sticker in the case, the toolkit and thats it. Dont let it out of my sight so no need for a disc lock, one of those tyre pressure guages is a good idea though, how much did that cost ya dan?

  10. i keep my rego label, disc lock in case, a cloth just incase i get a fingerprint on my bike, tried to fit a chamois but bloody didnt fit, man those bugs shit me. and factory tool kit which comes complete with tyre gauge. and thats all folks !!
  11. Mine's actually a small plastic plant-pot saucer that I found somewhere in the garage. Works perfectly, too! :)
  12. I think about $40-$60 can't remember which. Really accurate and bulletproof.
  13. Gromit, that's a priceless bit of lateral thinking! (Unless of course, someone is now looking for the pot-plant saucer at home??)
  14. Sweet thanks dan, worthwhile investment.
  15. i assume the stand thingy is for stand stability on softish ground or so you dont mark concrete. i have a carpet mat under my bike.. where do you get the stand thingy from ??
  16. Sidestand thingy can be obtained from


    They are based in WA, I bought mine on e-bay.
  17. thanks for the info. i will get me one of those for sure..

  18. Or , like Gromit , just go to your plant nursery :LOL:
  19. I can only fit in the owners handbook in the boot of my Zeal :)

    that and a disklock in the change compartment.

    Have you guys had extra large boots fitted?
  20. Or for a sidestand thingy use a crushed softdrink can, usually readily avaliable or bring your own in designated flavour and alco level if that is your thing!!!! I knew someone whom had a "Ducati" sidestand puck, and it was pinched the first time he used it. I carry bit of metal plate. But even a bit of bark, or the nursery idea!!!...lol